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Month June 2014


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This week, Meriam Ibrahim narrowly escaped death for her beliefs. Her crime… refusing to renounce her personal religious beliefs that were different from the law enforced beliefs of the country in which she was raised.

This woman was willing to die for her beliefs.

A belief in free will.

A belief in free thought.

A belief in basic human rights.

Terrifying isn’t it. That they would hang this young mother simply because she believed in something different. Didn’t hurt anyone. Just believed something different to the cultural norm.

How many of us would be dead if that happened here?

Makes me feel especially blessed that I live in a society where I am free to choose my beliefs. Free to change the ones that don’t work for me. Free to subscribe to the ones that do.

In this country we have the ability to choose what we believe. But how often do we actively exercise that ability? Or do we just run with the crowd. Believing what other’s believe. Beliefs we’ve picked up along the way, but never challenged to see if those beliefs are truly worthy of believing. Worthy of who we are.

While few of us have to fight for lives over what we do and do not choose to believe, they are nonetheless a powerful influence. Affecting everything we think and do not think, feel and do not feel, do or do not do, see and do not see, choose and do not choose. There’s even science to show that beliefs affect our biology.

It’s so important then that we choose our beliefs carefully. And as free thinking beings we get to do this. Getting rid of the beliefs we’ve just picked up along the way. Beliefs that belong to another person, another place, another time. Choosing instead those beliefs that are aligned with who we really are and what we really value now. And what we want our life to be.

Don’t know what your beliefs are?

Just look at your life. Your beliefs will be reflected back by what’s around you.

I wonder how many of those beliefs you actively choose for yourself?

When was the last time you took control of your beliefs?


Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi

Shades of Grey

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There’s no doubt there are some things we have to fight for. Intolerable wrongs that need to be made right. And there have been plenty of these over the years, haven’t there. Both in the world at large and in our own lives.

But there is also a place for acceptance.

And sometimes I think we can forget this. Because there are some things in life we simply can’t change. And to continue to rail against them, to resist, to put up a fight is only expending energy we could put to better use in other ways.

So what is acceptance? I like to think of acceptance as finding peace with whatever is your current reality. Not necessarily liking it. But no longer resisting it either. And there’s a certain grace to this. Not always easy I know.  But it can give us clarity to see other possibilities.

And the key to acceptance? In my experience it’s to quit the judgements. We judge everything, don’t we. Right or wrong. Black or white. I believe acceptance is about seeing shades of grey. Because when we decide in our own mind something is wrong, and we pass that judgement, we make it not okay. And this can set up the fight.

I often find looking at the bigger picture can help. The benefit of hindsight. Or just trusting that there is a greater good at work. If I’d made my cancer wrong for instance, I would have missed out on the gifts it gave me. But in practising acceptance, I find my peace and that can only be a healing place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Where can you practise acceptance today?


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They’ve recently opened a new bar in Canberra. It’s called Molly’s. A speakeasy whose whereabouts remains to be found. With only a mysterious set of co-ordinates and a naked light bulb above an unmarked door to identify it, this place fully engages the human psyche with its intrigue… and begs to be discovered.

Needless to say talk about Molly’s is spreading like wildfire.

Contagious is what they call it and it works.

And then there’s the mystery tweeter #hiddencash, hiding money in San Francisco. Talk about creating chaos and instant happiness. A hundred bucks or so hidden in envelopes around the city with clues to the location given via twitter.  And now the movement is heading around the globe. Last look the mystery tweeter had 610K followers (that’s 610 thousand folks) in just on a month. And the most awesome bit is the mindset of abundance that grows as people who find the money pay it forward.

Everyone loves a mystery. It’s in our nature. Because let’s face it, the humdrum of day to day life can get boring, can’t it. Mundane and predictable our senses dull and so too does our zest for living.  But the great news is it only takes a bit of mystery to lift us out of the daily grind and into the arena of the new and exciting. And that’s a pretty easy fix, isn’t it. Doesn’t need to cost much but gives so much in return. I’ve seen it happen countless times. Relationships for instance on the verge of collapse recharged simply by introducing the excitement of uncertainty. A slice of mystery reigniting the romance and the spark burns bright again.

Business, philanthropy, relationships… adding a bit of mystery can work miracles. The excitement that comes with the uncertainty spicing up what we once thought lost.

Where can you add some mystery to spice up your life today?