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Month January 2015

C’Mon Aussie

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Just down the road, in the middle of Canberra something special happened on Sunday. Because January 25, on the eve of Australia Day, we stopped as a nation once again to recognise those people who are contributing something significant to the country. Our Australians of the Year. And while there were many deserving nominees, I know there are many more who are working quietly and tirelessly for the good of others. Just so incredibly inspiring.

And as I hear the stories of Rosie Batty, Juliette Wright, Drisana Levitzke-Gray and Jackie French, it occurred to me once again how many extraordinary ideas come from ordinary everyday people. People just like you and me. People who see an opportunity to make a difference. And do it. To give what they can however small. Even out of their own grief and pain or challenge.

The benefits in giving are there for both the giver and receiver. The joy and satisfaction in knowing that you’ve made a difference. That you’ve helped changed someone’s life for the better. Most people don’t stop to think about the fact that you can actually see the brain register this chemistry of joy and all the good feelings that flow from it. These are life-giving benefits. It’s no wonder that studies show people with meaning and purpose live longer.

Australia Day is our day to remember just how fortunate we are. We are still the lucky country. And as one proud Australian so beautifully said, we all have a gift and if we each focus on utilising that gift for the benefit of others how much more extraordinary will our country – and our world – be.

What is your gift?

Where can you make a difference?

On the job

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A civil war is never a good thing.  A country divided will always lose. But that’s exactly what’s happening when we’re fighting against ourselves. Those hidden beliefs that keep us locked into patterns we no longer want in our lives. Picking the wrong partners, jobs, investments. Unable to break through those unwanted feelings. Continually missing those goals we strive so hard to achieve.

As I said at a recent workshop, when you go up against something self-generated it will nail you.

And that’s why we need to get our subconscious minds on the same page as what we want consciously. Because otherwise all those early learned beliefs and experiences, that are probably not even relevant anymore, could be the very things that are keeping us from what we want. Holding us back when we are striving so hard to move forward.

Fact is, no matter how hard we try to achieve those things (conscious level effort), if we’re working against our own deeply held beliefs (subconscious processes) we’re just never going to get there. It’s a mind divided.

And while it may seem that your subconscious is out to get you, it’s not. That part of you is just doing its best to protect you. But doing its best may well be based on out dated information you no longer need that’s just getting in the way.

So as you set your new year goals, it’s essential to ensure that you get your subconscious on the job too. Because when you change what’s going on at that deeper subconscious level, life has no choice. It must change around you.


Are you ready for an awesome 2015?

Is it time to teach yourself something new?

It’s the law

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Did you know you people are twice as likely to cough at a concert than they are in day to day life? How weird’s that! And while it may be that people are just strangely uncomfortable at some level with sitting in silence (and cough to break it up), perhaps it’s because they are actually trying so hard not to cough that it actually makes the coughing worse. In some concerts they actually put a message across before the start telling people not to cough. No pressure there.

Have you ever tried not to do something?

It’s called the law of reversed effect. And basically this law states that the more we consciously focus on trying NOT to do something, the more we’re guaranteed to get it. In other words, what we resist persists.  And of course when you’re ‘trying’ are you really going to achieve it anyway? Trying is just plain hard work.

How many of you know someone desperate to achieve something and when they finally give up trying it all just seems to fall into place?

Understanding how the mind works is so important if you want to achieve your goals. Just think about it for a minute… if you’re trying not to do something where’s your focus? It’s on exactly what you don’t want to be doing. It’s on exactly what you don’t want to happen. And there bang in the middle of your mind is exactly the picture of what it is you don’t want! Talk about sending yourself the wrong message. How many people live their lives focussed on exactly what they don’t want? No wonder there’s so many unhappy people out there.

But what happens if we focus on what we do want instead? Get really clear on what we want out of life. What we want to achieve. We send ourselves a different message, don’t we.  We give ourselves a different picture to go after. And once we have that in mind, and we’ve taken all the action steps we need to, letting go and trusting our subconscious to go out there and make it happen, it really does take all the hard work out of it.

So next time you’re trying not to do something, take a minute and rethink it.

What are you trying not to do?

What could you be doing instead?