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99 degrees

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So are you the kid who came home with 99/100 on the report card. And your parents asked ‘What happened to the other 1?’. Kind of sucked didn’t it. After all,  looking back on it, what difference would that one mark have really made? Bugger all probably. But we felt deflated anyway.

I’ve spent a good part of my life helping people overcome the feelings of ‘not good enough’ that this can set up. Well meaning parents I’m sure who really only wanted the best for their kids but just stuffed up the message.

But there are times when that 1/100 can make all the difference.

And it is a bloody big deal.

And that is where we need to focus our energy.

When you understand the boiling water analogy it makes perfect sense. Because as you know water doesn’t boil at 99 degrees.  Not at sea level anyway. At 99 degrees you’ve just got hot water. Bloody hot water. But just hot water all the same. Good for cooking all those spuds I’ve been eating.

But think about it for a minute.

Just one more degree and you’ve got steam.

Blow the spuds, steam has the energy to power engines.

Sometimes when we hit a plateau in reaching our goals, it’s important to realise how far we’ve come. To take some time to look back and see the huge things we’ve achieved. And then to take a deep breath… and keep going. Because at 99 degrees you are so close to the tipping point it’s almost tangible. You just mightn’t realise it yet.  Just one degree more and you’ll be across the line and a whole new world of possibility arises… You’ve just got to hang in there to watch the magic unfold.

Hot water to steam in just one degree.

Now that’s what I call a quantum leap.

Where do you need to focus to find your one degree?

About Paul Blackburn

An internationally acclaimed author and leader in the human potential movement, Paul has instructed seminars for groups ranging in size from 6 to 600 and as a guest speaker has spoken to audiences of more than six thousand. He has taught in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the US. Paul has appeared on talk back radio and television shows including Getaway; A Current Affair and The Midday Show. Paul has a tremendous educational message. He knows how to teach and motivate people to be more effective in every aspect of their lives. Due to his reputation as a world class presenter, the Adult Education Faculty of the Australian National University conducted a study of one of Paul's public seminars with a view to gain greater insights into their own teaching strategies. Paul has survived aggressive cancer, and successfully built four businesses, a strong marriage and a loving family. According to his wife Mary, Paul's strive for improving himself and helping others comes from "his love of life and his incredible love for his family in particular but people in general". She says he is committed to making a difference in the world, whatever it takes. And he does. Paul has a great ability to spark interest and inspire people from all walks of life. In the words of one of his students: "It is not possible to participate in one of Paul's seminars and resist change. Paul has the ability to inspire even the most negative person to change their life for the better." Time with Paul Blackburn may be all it takes to get a shift in thinking big enough to cause a life changing experience. His down-to-earth style is your guarantee that you will be hearing no nonsense, workable solutions to the difficult questions in life.

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