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Leadership Power and Charisma

Leadership Power and Charisma

There are times in everyone’s life when a desired result will take more than determination and commitment … when sheer personal power is needed to force an issue to its proper conclusion.

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

Dwight Eisenhower

Want more?

  • Understand exactly what leadership is

    Leadership is getting people to do things they have never thought of doing, do not believe are possible, or that they do not want to do.  Effective leadership means influencing people to get things done to a standard and quality above their norm – and doing it willingly.

  • Combine both leadership strategies and character

    Good leadership means not just being concerned about helping the group achieve its goals, but also caring about helping each member of the group reach his or her full potential. To do this requires developing an enthusiastic, passionate, genuine and energetic character.

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a leader

    We need to be able to learn and develop specific leadership skills – directing, coaching, supporting and delegating – to be an effective leader. Developing strengths in each of these roles allows us to read specific situations accurately and know what communication style is best applied.

  • Learn more about your leadership style

    Understanding your current leadership style is essential. What are your strengths? Are these qualities helping or hindering your leadership? Once you’ve determined which areas need some work, you can begin looking for ways to improve your leadership abilities.

  • Learn the qualities and characteristics of successful leaders and how to foster those yourself

    A great leader must have a vision of how he or she wants the things to be, then be able to communicate that vision in a clear attractive manner, generate trust and be able to know their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learn how to develop principle-centered power

    The more you are respected and genuinely thought well of by others, the more real power you will have with them because the relationship is based on mutual trust, not mere technique.

  • Discover why some leaders fail and avoid the same traps

    All too often we see leaders from almost every area of endeavour – business, politics, religion and sport – experience very public downfall.  We can avoid the same traps by recognising the warning signs and paying attention to them.

  • Develop and exercise the ability to effectively delegate with a simple formula

    Delegation is a time management strategy that you must practice. You can’t do everything – so decide what you must do yourself and what you can delegate to others. When you learn to delegate effectively, you’ll be rewarded with more time and a more empowered and satisfied staff.

  • Empower and inspire others

    Transformational leaders provide inspirational motivation to encourage their followers to take action. Of course, being inspirational isn’t always easy but it can be learned once a leader understands what motivates others – this is perhaps the greatest challenge for any leader.

  • Lead change

    Change is all around us so as effective leaders we need to be able to model, communicate and clarify the benefits of change, and emphasise the opportunities and possibilities rather than the problems.

  • Discover the secrets of emotional intelligence and why it is essential for leadership

    A leader’s mood and behaviour drive the moods and behaviours of everyone else in an organisation (or family, for that matter).  We’re all human and even the most enthusiastic leader will have a bad day or week – but a leader’s first focus must be the impact of his or her moods and behaviours.

  • Achieve excellence through commitment and dedication

    Excellence requires dedication, self-discipline and devotion. You need to bring out your best in order to be your best.  When you commit to excellence in everything you say, think and do, your best is sure to come from the inside out.


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  • After undertaking coaching training with Beyond Success six years ago, today I’m running my own successful life, business and property coaching entity.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Beyond Success supported me every step of the way with the ‘how to’ of setting up a coaching business.  But most of all, Beyond Success’ boot camps helped me to uncover my own emotional intelligence.  These days, I present my own workshops concurrently with my one-on-one coaching, and as I watch my business grow, my income stream is a very different story to what it was before I started coaching.  Every step of the way, Beyond Success has supported me, and still continues to do so as I explore new territories and boundaries with confidence and excitement.

    Jill McIntyre
    Jill McIntyre
  • Working with my Beyond Success coach has helped me enormously. I’ve learnt useful methods for goal setting and time management, as well as tools to definitively analyse my business. Using an objective yet empathetic approach, my coach has helped me to get back on track.

    Samantha Lewers
    Samantha Lewers
  • It only took my Beyond Success coach just 10 minutes to help me find the willpower I needed to finally lose weight. I've already lost 10kg and I'm going to lose another 15kg.

    Rashed Mumen
    Rashed Mumen