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Passion Power & Purpose

Passion Power & Purpose Bootcamp

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

                                                             Robert Byrne.


Is the life you are living an amazing adventure, or is this year going to be a repeat of the last one? We all want to be happy, but while everybody wants happiness, most people choose a direction that guarantees that they will not find it.

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  • Create a profound life purpose that inspires you

    Until we recognise and live in accord with our underlying purpose, our lives will feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. We may have a sense that there is something we’re here to do, but we can’t quite grasp it. When we do and when we bring it out into the world miracles happen for us.

  • Discover the hidden forces behind your personality

    Our deepest drives and abilities behind our personality shape our careers and our relationships, and influence the quality and direction of our lives.

  • Learn to recognise the subconscious messages that drive you, and assess your life from a big-picture perspective

    Although many of us don’t consciously recognise that we even have a specific life purpose, our subconscious knows what we are here to do. It even reaches out to us and tries to send us messages through our dreams and innermost longings.

  • Learn how to increase your motivation and success by massive increments

    One of the keys to getting more motivated and being successful is to connect with your greater purpose, knowing what is the big picture for your life.

  • Develop a clear plan for where you want to go

    Creating a life plan helps you to take a more active role in the direction of your life. By clearly stating your goals, objectives and priorities, you can make decisions aimed at achieving your dreams rather than just reacting to external circumstances.

  • Awaken your unique spirituality and integrate it into your day-to-day life

    The greatest spiritual challenge of our times is to integrate and sustain our awareness beyond the meditation cushion and yoga mat into our everyday lives. Rise above this challenge and you will experience your authentic self.

  • Find the character that is completely your own, be what no other can be, and do what no other can do

    You must condition your mindset to understanding what makes you unique. When you have a clear appreciation of your authenticity it gives you confidence to pursue your goals and accomplish your mission in life.

  • Practice detachment to free yourself from stress, concerns, and disappointment

    Detachment is a skill that helps us live with grace and integrity while we are pursuing a life filled with passion and purpose.



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Make sure the thing you’re living for is worth dying for.

Charles Mayes.


Expand your awareness of yourself and others. Feel empowered, energized, and ready to take on the world! Find a special place within yourself that knows how to overcome any obstacle and rise to any challenge. And more importantly, find yourself.

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Clients said

  • After undertaking coaching training with Beyond Success six years ago, today I’m running my own successful life, business and property coaching entity.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Beyond Success supported me every step of the way with the ‘how to’ of setting up a coaching business.  But most of all, Beyond Success’ boot camps helped me to uncover my own emotional intelligence.  These days, I present my own workshops concurrently with my one-on-one coaching, and as I watch my business grow, my income stream is a very different story to what it was before I started coaching.  Every step of the way, Beyond Success has supported me, and still continues to do so as I explore new territories and boundaries with confidence and excitement.

    Jill McIntyre
    Jill McIntyre
  • Working with my Beyond Success coach has helped me enormously. I’ve learnt useful methods for goal setting and time management, as well as tools to definitively analyse my business. Using an objective yet empathetic approach, my coach has helped me to get back on track.

    Samantha Lewers
    Samantha Lewers
  • It only took my Beyond Success coach just 10 minutes to help me find the willpower I needed to finally lose weight. I've already lost 10kg and I'm going to lose another 15kg.

    Rashed Mumen
    Rashed Mumen