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Who Are You

Who Are You Bootcamp

Somehow we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Living an authentic life… this powerful workshop will ease you through the silent corridors and hidden doorways in your mind, so you can become the magnificent human being you were born to be.

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  • Discover – or rediscover - your authentic self

    We already have within us what we need to succeed in whatever way we desire; your authentic self is there, it has always been there, and it is fully accessible to you.

  • Where you are now, everything you are, everything you do, is based on your personal truth…whatever it is that you have come to believe about you.

  • Find out how the self that rules your life came to be

    It didn’t just happen – it is the result of certain key events that you have experienced in your life as external factors, these have shaped your self concept from the outside.

  • Recognise what has made you

    You cannot build the life of your dreams if you do not know what formed the image you currently maintain. You must understand your defining moments, critical choices, and the pivotal people in your life.

  • Take control of your internal dialogue

    This is the real time conversation you have with yourself about everything that is going on in your life; what you are saying to you, about you and about the world in general.

  • Identify the labels that are at work in your life

    These labels diminish your sense of self and help you impose limits on yourself. Once you look inside and find them you can decide for yourself whether you want to keep using them or not.

  • Live authentically

    You also need perspectives, practices, and partners to refresh and renew yourself. That way, you will know not only exactly who you are, but also precisely what to do to make that person a permanent part of your life.

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This course is intensely personal. Challenge and rewrite your personal truth and live a life that lets you be who you really are: you couldn’t stand up for your authenticity when you were a child, but you can stand up for it now. Your life is not a dress rehearsal.

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Clients said

  • After undertaking coaching training with Beyond Success six years ago, today I’m running my own successful life, business and property coaching entity.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Beyond Success supported me every step of the way with the ‘how to’ of setting up a coaching business.  But most of all, Beyond Success’ boot camps helped me to uncover my own emotional intelligence.  These days, I present my own workshops concurrently with my one-on-one coaching, and as I watch my business grow, my income stream is a very different story to what it was before I started coaching.  Every step of the way, Beyond Success has supported me, and still continues to do so as I explore new territories and boundaries with confidence and excitement.

    Jill McIntyre
    Jill McIntyre
  • Working with my Beyond Success coach has helped me enormously. I’ve learnt useful methods for goal setting and time management, as well as tools to definitively analyse my business. Using an objective yet empathetic approach, my coach has helped me to get back on track.

    Samantha Lewers
    Samantha Lewers
  • It only took my Beyond Success coach just 10 minutes to help me find the willpower I needed to finally lose weight. I've already lost 10kg and I'm going to lose another 15kg.

    Rashed Mumen
    Rashed Mumen