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Round Table

Round Table

Twelve of our hottest entrepreneurs spend 24 hours together once a month – challenging each other to bring their best to the table.

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  • Being Your Best

    A maximum twelve participants @ $25,000 per head spend the year racing to build the most profitable business. Cooperative business building skills are a key requirement of participation.

  • Personal Mentoring

    Each member is mentored on their journey via a monthly coaching/accountability/strategy session where their current business activities are analysised, tweaked and formalized.

  • Eat It, Sleep It, Work It

    Round Table participants work, eat, drink and play together. Each 24 hour ‘session’ is packed with real, measurable, ‘on the ground’ achievement. RT is where the rubber hits the road.

  • Return On Investment

    Round Table is only 4 months old but average business increase for participants during that time is 62% and counting!

  • Multiple Streams of Income

    Round Table is really about minimizing the time between concept and cash in the bank. The ability to create and then automate an income stream quickly is one of the great skills of a true entrepreneur.


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Join Us

Each member of Round Table has pledged themselves to growing their business by 1,000% within their 12 month membership. If you’d like to play at that level – give us a call so that we can discuss the possibilities.

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Clients said

  • When we started in the EMC Program our business was $350k in debt.  In the 18 months since, we’ve turned our business around and have had our best year ever – and have cleared $150k in profit.  We’re on target to be debt free by the end of the year. Without the EMC group, this would not have been possible.

    John and Michelle Peterson Clark
    John and Michelle Peterson Clark
  • The challenges of running my own business and balancing other aspects of life are a whole lot easier with you guys beside me.

    Steve Quartermaine
    Steve Quartermaine
  • The Entrepreneur’s Master Class has helped us and our business dramatically – we have clarity in our direction, a 40 per cent increase in our top line and the tools to bring in new customers every day.  It gives me goose bumps thinking about where we can take this business now.

    Dani Mortimer
    Dani Mortimer