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World's Best Coaches

A Beyond Success coach does more than read a book about mentoring, study probing questioning techniques or buy a franchise.

Beyond Success coaches undertake 12 months of intensive study and training – and that’s after they’ve satisfied our rigorous selection criteria.

We put them through their paces to rtinke sure they have the education and life experience, as well as demonstrated communication skills and commitment to their own personal development.

Our coaches have proven themselves to be great at what they do. Not only are our coaches qualified in Beyond Success’ coaching methodology, many have considerable experience in other coaching practices and life areas, which can enhance your coaching journey.

To get started with one of these coaches, contact the team at Beyond Success.

Akram Rasheed

With a background in sport and recreation, Akram helps individuals who want more out of life, whether through health, wealth and more.

Andrew Fleming

Andrew has a wide range of life experience and inspires his aients as he hares his unique view on life and how to deal with its many hurdles.

Anne Hubbard

Using a gentle but firm approach, Anne guides her clients to face the obstacles that restrict them from achieving their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Anne C Hubbard

Anne is enthusiastic about helping her clients reach their full potential in all areas of life and helps them to stay on track as they pursue their goals.

Annette Northfield

Annette is known as the “Baggage Buster”. She has an uncanny ability to help people break through the blockages that hold them back from reaching their potential.

Auli O’Donnell

Auli is dedicated to empowering women to find the courage and confidence to tap into their inner power and wisdom and live their lives with passion.

Camilla Mendoza

With her cut-through insights into negative anchors and issues, Camilla has a unique ability to fast track inner levels of clarity and personal performance in her clients so they can get results quickly.

Carolyn Cutforth

Carolyn provides refreshing and life enhancing coaching and counselling services in a simple, empathetic, effective and creative way. She empowers her clients to live successful lives.

Chantel Splatt

Chantel’s ability to really listen, ask the right questions and provide guidance on strategies has proved important in moving clients from where they were to where they want to be.

Christiane Vee

When life gets to be a struggle and everything seems to be a huge effort that is when we know that we are not living the life we want. It is time to dial a coach.

David Edwards

David Edwards is a dedicated, client focussed coach with more than 25 year’s experience conducting training and coaching in 15 different countries, with clients of over 50 nationalities.

Denise Dunn

Denise is as down-to-earth as her rural farming background. With compassion, authenticity and clear communication, she works with anyone seeking balance.

Dobbs Franks

An acclaimed international music conductor and university lecturer, Dobbs specialises in helping clients to live their dreams and connect deeply to themselves and others.

Ed Plant

Before entering coaching, Ed spent 16 years in the Australian Army.  Ed believes happiness should be lived every day, and is committed to helping people find their happiness and change their lives.

Graham Stoney

Graham helps clients overcome anxiety in the present by expressing and releasing the unconscious emotions attached to painful events from the past, so they can create a happier future… and he makes the process fun!

Geraldine Huston

Geraldine went through a similar journey to many of her clients. Unhappy with her job, she was losing the battle with the bulge and wasn’t living to her full potential.  Now, she uses her own experiences to help her clients.

Heather Kenyon

Heather has had a range of life experiences, from teaching economics and legal studies, to selling new cars, from serving on boards to having four children.  Heather helps people to make positive, powerful and lasting changes to their businesses and lives.

Helen Abbott

With a background in human resource management, organisational development and business management, Helen has established a number of businesses in the areas of personal development and internet marketing, and gives her clients the insights they need to move forward.

James Greenshields

James’ life changed after being hit by a road side bomb in Iraq.  It was then he realised what mattered most to him was his family and helping to transform people’s lives.  Today, he does just that.

Jenny Ryan

International award winner, author and specialist in problem solving strategies, Jenny Ryan is not your average success coach.

Jill McIntyre

Jill runs regular workshops on property interests, traveling the country, supporting others with their personal and professional growth.

Jo Thomson

Jo brings the knowledge and skills she has developed in over 15 years as both a registered nurse and midwife, and as a single parent, to her coaching to help her clients maximise their full potential.

Julia Reid

Julia has a track record in facilitating clients to find their own ‘path with a heart’: their personal avenue of expression and strong purpose in a manner that is joyous, exhilarating and powerful.

Julie Solich

Julie is passionate about helping people unearth the possibilities both within and around them and to empower them to make the changes they need to be the best they can be and live a joy-filled life.

Kathy Ashton

Kathy is a dynamic coach who has a unique ability to help clients identify and work through their emotional baggage so that they can pursue their own direction with vigour and vitality.

Kathy Roberts

A skilled and passionate coach, Kathy draws on her knowledge and skills as an emergency nurse, as a senior management consultant, successful property investor and vocational counsellor.

Kelley Wylie

Kelley has been challenged through life to overcome hurdles and to beat the odds.  After a near-fatal car accident, she decided to live her life on her terms.  Today, she’s helping her clients to do the same.

Kevin Barnes

With experience in many jobs and industries, a common thread in Kevin’s career has been the desire to empower others.  With the essential ability to be able to listen and read between the lines, Kevin’s clients get rapid results.

Kiri Waiata-Green

With an eclectic skills base, 35 years’ experience in the arts, combined with a broad life experience, Kiri offers her clients dynamic, holistic coaching designed to clear the path to realising their life and creative goals.

Kristy Greenshields

Kirsty’s clients feel empowered through the work they do together. They appreciate her easy manner, and insightful communication. Each session with Kirsty presents challenges and lessons for both of them.

Leanne Peard

Leanne is passionate about helping small business owners to set their goals and achieve financial success.  She also teaches workshops to teenagers to give them a head start in life.

Lexia Cherry

Lexia has trained in many fields from women’s health and fitness to professional and personal development. Lexia works with women who want to discover how to get the best out of themselves and others.

Lexie Meyer

Lexie has used her talents to buy and boost many small to medium businesses in a variety of industries, building great teams along the way. She knows how it is to wear many ‘hats’ and is skilled at cutting through to the nub of an issue.

Liana Allison

With a background in successful small business, Liana takes great pleasure in assisting people to enhance their individuality, using inherent strengths to increase their self-awareness and personal power.

Libby Butler

With a passion for personal development, Libby is an experienced, highly skilled and compassionate coach who loves assisting people to uncover their hidden talents, let go of limiting beliefs, and consciously enter the high performing state known as ‘flow’.

Linette Hagen

Linette’s background as a special education teacher of over 26 years has enhanced her compassion, understanding and empathy. A professional speaker and motivational coach, Linette strongly believes that each and every one of us is a VIP.

Linky Muller

Linky has worked in the corporate environment as well as private enterprise and uses coaching, NLP, meditation and Kinesiology methodology to create the best environment for her clients to succeed.

Lorwai Tan

In her previous career as a scientist and supervisor, Lorwai observed that the greatest productivity and job satisfaction came from people who chose to be at their workplace. Today, Lorwai helps people set new career directions and implement practical strategies to realise their career goals.

Louise Greally

Louise has packed a lot into her 31 years. She believes in living life to the full and bringing out the best in herself and others. In fact, her two favourite things are laughing and helping others be the best they can be.

Margaret Harrod

Margaret inspires women to create themselves into the person they are destined to be. Her enthusiasm for living challenges her clients to recreate themselves and to make and achieve their dreams.

Mark Dungey

Mark Dungey brings multi-national business skills and experience to his clients’ businesses. He is passionate about assisting people to make small, easy to implement improvements that will have a big impact on their profits, relationships and personal lives.

Martin Clay

Martin Clay is passionate about assisting people to unlock their potential and empower them to achieve all their dreams. He is living proof that there is far more to achieving success in life than academic prowess.

Michelle Peterson Clark

Michelle’s passion is working with women, especially those with children who are running their own businesses.  Michelle knows from experience that it is possible to have a family and run a successful business – and she helps her clients get there.

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee is a transformational Life Coach based in Newcastle NSW.  She successfully guides adults and teens around Australia to transform their lives by pursuing their passion and purpose.

Nelson Alingcastre

Nelson combines his training with Beyond Success with his successful Chinese Medicine practice to offer his services as a wellness coach.

Neryl Peterson

With many years’ experience in the health and beauty industry, Neryl is passionate about seeing her clients achieve their goals and dreams and helping them to become the best they can be – inside and out.

Nils Oman

When Nils arrived in Australia from Sweden he had $1,000 in his pocket. After working diligently in the IT industry, he built an impressive property portfolio and now enjoys financial freedom.  Now, he shows his clients how they can enjoy financial freedom too.

Orsolya Bartalis

Orsolya has a talent for seeing the best in every person and enjoys helping them realise their own potential. Using a gentle but firm approach, she guides her clients to break through obstacles and create the life of their dreams.

Paula Mcsporran

Paula owned and operated a successful finance operation.  Realising her clients needed a more holistic approach to life, she embarked on a coaching career and now achieves spectacular results with clients looking to gain control of their businesses and personal lives.

Peter Gouws

Having lived and worked under the influence of many cultures, languages and terrain, Peter has wide experience and qualifications in a number of trades and professions, and is the father of four children. Peter is passionate about helping people to realise their potential.

Peter Kakris

During the twelve years in his own business, Peter learned a great deal about business and life. Today, Peter specialises in coaching people who want to improve themselves and their businesses.

Rachel Downie

With a background in teaching and research in education and parenting, Rachael is committed to supporting parenting, creating better relationships and helping her clients achieve a balance between career and family life.

Rebecca Squires

Bec has been blessed with a life full of adventure, which has not come without its share of challenges. She supports her clients to chase their dreams, boost their self-esteem, and embrace change.

Rod Schofield

Rod’s coaching niche is helping his clients to ditch their J.O.B and achieve financial abundance.  He specialises in empowering people to move forward in any life area using powerful and effective techniques.

Shelley Weitenberg

Shelley’s drive and commitment led to financial success, but at a price – she found herself working long hours at the expense of time with her young children. Today, Shelley is a full-time public speaker and life coach, with clients from a range of backgrounds, industries and life experiences.

Sonia Noske

Sonia is a transformational coach who is skilled and passionate about the creation of positive change. Sonia’s coaching style benefits from her empathetic nature and caring ability she has developed over 15 years as a health professional.

Theresa Pastor

With a long background as a health professional, Theresa understands how to support and work with others to find their direction and reach their goals in life. Theresa is passionate about guiding and empowering her clients to design the life they really want.