Graham Stoney

As with many people, the strategies Graham learned in his family of origin for dealing with emotions led him to suppress, repress and internalise his feelings, growing up deeply ashamed of how he really felt inside. As a consequence, Graham spent years pretending to be a happy smiling person so that people would like him, while burning with rage and fear inside.
Sound familiar?
What followed was a spectacular burn out as a computer engineer, together with the devastating experience of chronic fatigue syndrome.
It was then that Graham made the decision to invest in himself, dedicating many years to therapy and emotional healing courses to unlock his true self.
As a Life Coach / Therapist Graham now he uses that experience to fast-track the process for his clients.
The philosophy behind Graham’s therapeutic approach is that emotionally overwhelming events from the past leave a residue of emotionally charged memories in our brains and central nervous system. This leads to mental restlessness, feelings of anxiety, and physical tension in our bodies.
Most of Graham’s clients are highly sensitive people who grew up in environments that didn’t validate their sensitivity nor their emotions. Graham specialises in working with clients in emotional distress, helping them to deal with overwhelming feelings of shame, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief and rage.
Painful feelings from past events that we haven’t healed can get triggered by present day events, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and powerless to act on what is important to us.
Being deeply empathic Graham is able to connect to feelings that clients may not even be consciously aware of, to bring them to the surface and release them.
Liberating the buried feelings by expressing them in the presence of a conscious witness defeats shame, leaves us feeling less stressed and more alive, and frees us to create a better future.
The result is so powerful, it feels like magic.
Many of Graham’s clients feel a tremendous release of anxiety even after their first session because they have finally found a safe place to be themselves. Here’s what they say:

I am grateful to Graham for who he is: His kindness, his ability to listen and his understanding what I am saying and his profound empathy. I feel safe talking to him. He gets me.

Graham has helped me be aware of how the past influences the present and given me tools to overcome the limitations & beliefs of the past.

I am very grateful for Graham validating my feelings as I have struggled for long time with low esteem. Graham gave me permission to express my feelings that have long been suppressed. Fifty years of hurt doesn’t come undone quickly. I have confidence in Graham that he has the patience & knowledge to help be more positive about my future. Thank you.

As Graham says, ‘Coaching is a journey we take together, where you learn to listen to and develop your own intuition on the path to enlightenment.’
If you’re feeling anxious, depressed or restless and you don’t know why, or if you’re aware that pain from your past is stopping you being happy in the present and creating the future that you really want, Graham may well be the right person to help you.