Akram Rasheed

Akram has always been intrigued by how people tick and what makes them succeed. His career began in the field of Sport and Recreation. Akram’s ability to communicate, easily adopt problem solving strategies, and keep his word, saw him rise up the ranks in a very short space of time. But it was the coaching/mentoring aspect of his roles that really fed his soul. “Coaching people to reach their full potential is a real privilege”, Akram says. “There is no bigger moment of satisfaction for me than watching someone reach their goals and knowing they have the skills to do it in any area of their life.”

Akram’s coaching journey has seen him discover his true values. Family, love, honesty, friendship, trust and freedom are core to the way he lives his life. As such Akram enjoys an inner peace which nicely compliments his dynamic personality. Akram loves his sports, especially Aussie Rules footy. He is a field umpire for local junior leagues and is thrilled to help the development of young up-and-coming footballers and umpires go for their dreams of making it to the big time!

Read what some of Akram’s clients have said about what it has meant for them having Akram as their coach:


Akram’s coaching style is to lead by example. I’ve found his enthusiastic, wholistic and caring approach encouraged me to grow, to follow my dreams and keep me on track. Akram helped me to identify my true values, assisted me to create more space, time and energy. Akram gave me some fantastic tools to help me understand myself and allow me to give full attention to my priorities. Since Akram’s coaching sessions, I am more confident, and feel great and teaching yoga in a great space which I love! Thanks again Akram
Christopher W (Brisbane, QUEENSLAND)

My experience with having Akram as my coach was nothing less than fantastic! Importantly for myself, I learnt techniques to help me stop procrastinating, stay motivated towards my goals and manage my time effectively.

I find that each day I am able to wake up and have a plan of action and ensure everything I wanted to achieve with my time is done. I have also learnt the power of rewarding yourself for achieving your set tasks.

I found that Akram was always there, and responded very quickly to questions I had and helped me actually implement techniques into my life. He ensured the coaching calls were tailored to my needs and became a good friend I can trust as well as my coach.”
Tegan H (Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA)