Andrew Fleming

If you think you can or if you think you can’t – you are right!

I’m Andrew, a born and bred Kiwi. My passion is to help people see new possibility. If they invest in themselves, they can make those possibilities a reality.

In just five seconds my life changed. I flipped a quad motorbike and spent six hours alone in a paddock with a broken back wondering if anyone would find me in time. Then just a week out of hospital, my wife left me. The third blow came when my insurer assessed my income at only $265 per week.

I felt so alone and so far from ‘normal’ that I had to learn to live my life over again. Pretty hard to be a farmer or and electrician in a wheelchair so I had to figure out what I could do to earn a living. Just living day to day was very hard back then.

Ironically the worst thing that had ever happened to me turned out to be my most valuable learning experience. Now I wouldn’t swap that experience for anything.

I thought I was happy before the accident but I learnt that I was actually just comfortable. I had no need to look for more from life. Once I was forced to look for more, I discovered a whole new world of possibility and opportunity.

Andrew has certainly done what it took and has got his life back on track. Since the accident he has attended numerous seminars in New Zealand, Australia and even Bali to increase his knowledge about life and his role in it. He has renovated houses, enjoyed recreational activities such as snow skiing, rock climbing and boating. Andrew has a wide range of life experience, is a property investor, public speaker and just loves to see people improve themselves. As a coach he will inspire you as he shares his unique view on life and how to deal with its many hurdles. Although he has a fairly gentle coaching style you will find it difficult to give this guy excuses.