Annette doesn’t just imagine that life for you, she helps you have it so that all aspects of your life flow in perfect harmony. Achieving this harmonious life is not really complicated or time consuming. It is simply a matter of having the right support, systems and resources to get there. Annette brings all three to every person she works with.

Annette is a powerful and inspirational life coach. She understands that each individual has the power to influence their life like no one else and she works with each person as part of their team to draw out the best they have to offer. She precisely guides everyone she works with you to empower them with strategies & techniques to transform their lives and these gifts that Annette gives are theirs to keep forever! Her first goal with any client is to help them realize that their emotional and physical problems are almost always caused and exacerbated by the way they view themselves and by the beliefs they hold about the kind of person they are or the kind of live they deserve. She then provides the tools to help them change the way they think about themselves and in the process change their lives forever. That is a gift people yearn for and a gift Annette gives every day.

Annette focuses on the fundamentals of human behaviour that most affects an individual’s mindset and thus their actions. She possesses the unique ability to help everyone see how their current lifestyle is affecting their lives. With simple logic and every day common sense, Annette opens eyes and minds to the possibility of something better. Her passion is evident and the compassion she brings to each session puts all of her clients at ease immediately and allows them to open up and let the healing begin.

Annette has come to be known as the “Baggage Buster” because she has an uncanny ability to help people break through the blockages that hold them back and prevent them from reaching their potential.

Annette specializes in assisting her male clients to become masters of their emotions while staying true to their masculinity. She provides complete emotional healing sessions addressing such things as pent up anger sadness and fear.

Annette also runs emotional healing workshops for women and works one on one with them to teach empowerment. She understands that when women are balanced, strong and centred they provide a more enriched life for themselves, their partners and families.