Auli Odonnell

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”~ Henry David Thoreau

Do you feel like you have lost your sense of ‘self’, or maybe you’re just stuck in neutral and want to make a change but don’t know how?

Well, you’re not alone. Many women find themselves in this situation after putting their lives on ‘hold’.

Maybe you put your life on hold to raise a family and you find yourself trying to ‘do it all’?Maybe you are a woman who has achieved considerable success in your life but feel that something is still missing?
Auli O’Donnell is dedicated to empowering women to find the courage and confidence to tap into their inner power and wisdom so that they can live their life with passion.

Auli uses the proven Beyond Success Coaching System to help her clients:

get clear about their values and life purpose so that they can pursue goals and roles that are meaningful and satisfying;learn how to benefit from emotional intelligence rather than be controlled by their emotions;overcome the barriers that are stopping them from being who they want to be.
Her caring coaching style offers an empowering and fulfilling journey that encourages self-discovery, self- awareness and self-responsibility. She has an innate gift for listening and her wide range of personal experiences, including divorce, bankruptcy and emotional depression enable her to connect deeply with her clients.

“I too had lost my sense of self. I lived in a world where the words ‘purpose’, ‘dreams’ and ‘values’ occasionally came to me, but I didn’t stop long enough to connect with the feeling or meaning of the words. I was caught up in a life of ‘doing’; working five days a week, being a mum, a wife, and trying to juggle too many balls at once. I had a lingering feeling that there was much more to life and who I could be, but I didn’t know where to go to for answers. Eventually I became worn out from low self-esteem, weight control problems, lack of direction and poor health. I was caught in the currents of life and felt powerless; not taking any responsibility for where I was going. I spent my time pleasing everyone else, while at the same time not understanding what my own needs were, and that I had the power within to create my own future. Everything I needed was already within me!

NOW I design my life in harmony with what I value. That was the real key – discovering what I truly valued in life and setting goals and actions that were congruent with those values. From that point I took responsibility and found that I had more energy. I now enjoy a loving, happy marriage with my second husband Peter. I am a proud mum, step-mum and grandmother, and I live my life filled with a real sense of purpose and calm.”

Auli has supported others on their life journey as far back as she can remember. For 29 years her administrative and interpersonal skills have been valued by small businesses and multi-national companies. Her positions were typically those involving high confidentiality. What she loved most about her work was the human resource side; the interaction with staff, colleagues, clients and students. It was a natural transition to follow her passion and become a life coach.

Are you are interested in being the architect for your life?

Imagine a future that is clear and resonates with your passion and purpose! What would that look like? How would that make you feel?

Let Auli help you reconnect with your unique gifts and who YOU really are – it is never too late!