Carolyn Cutforth

If you’re reading this, you probably want to improve your life in some way. And you’re hoping a coach will help you do this. Yet how do you find a coach that fits you well? There are many fantastic coaches who can help you on your life journey, how will you know which is the one for you? It’s likely that your decision will be made on a ‘sense’ or ‘feeling’ that ‘this is the one’. And this is important, as Carolyn believes that the answers to your questions will come from you, not her.

What’s the most important issue in your life right now? Is it that you lack direction? Do you feel something is missing but you’re not sure what? Are you simply tolerating some aspects of your life to the detriment of your physical and mental wellbeing? Do you bury your dreams because you feel they are unobtainable or too challenging? Are you silently suffering and would just love to have someone come alongside, listen and encourage you?

You’ve probably had lots of great ideas and advice from all directions already. Carolyn won’t be giving you any more. What makes a great coach is one who enables you to find your answers through accessing your own Wisdom – and it’s the only way you’ll really be motivated to take action because it belongs to you.

Carolyn provides refreshing and life enhancing coaching and counselling services in a simple, empathetic, effective and creative way. She empowers her clients to live successful lives, especially through understanding and using Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

In addition to her general coaching, Carolyn specialises in helping clients empower themselves through increased Emotional Intelligence and using Mindfulness techniques. She especially enjoys coaching in the areas of Relationship Enhancement and Executive Success.

The most powerful endorsement is from others, so here’s what one of her clients has to say about her coaching experience with Carolyn:

“Carolyn has been a huge help and support to me since I started the coaching program. It was very easy to establish trust with her, and before I knew it, I was pouring out my deepest thoughts, and was comfortable doing it!

“She is always compassionate and supportive, and her responses / questions are always insightful and constructive.

“Particularly when difficult situations in my life have arisen, she has helped me to ask the right questions of myself, in order to help me find my own way forward. And she has also gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me (immediate responses in times of crisis, extra calls when needed, and always looking for ways that she can help me more). The only limitation on how much I can get out of this, is myself!

“In one situation, I kept finding that I was burdening current situations and relationships, with “baggage” from previous experiences. Carolyn has helped me identify when and why this occurs, and used guided meditations & many insightful questions to help me gain closure on old issues, break those links, and move forward constructively in the present, instead of wallowing in unresolved issues from the past.

“Thanks to Carolyn I am constantly learning new things about myself – challenging my assumptions, and helping me dig down below the surface, to figure out what is really important to me. And because of this, I am now handling certain situations differently than I would have before – I now have some new tools /techniques to address life’s complications in a constructive way.

“Overall I have found this to be a very enriching experience, and I look forward to continuing the journey!”

Juliet, USA

Carolyn will help you to identify what’s working and what’s not working for you right now, explore your solutions based on your Wisdom, create steps towards desired goals, suggest strategies to bridge the gap between your desires and reality, and constantly focus on what’s important for you.

Carolyn holds workshops in Brisbane for both the public and Counsellors. She is a registered presenter with the Australian Counselling Association and enjoys providing an environment where learning, insights and relationships can flourish.

“Carolyn has been helpful assisting me to work through personal and emotional blockages. With the combination of unit work and coaching sessions I was able get so much clarity into my then current situation and clearly see the changes I wanted to make. Carolyn was right by my side as I mapped out my steps towards making these changes. I felt comfortable opening up and sharing the things I wanted to work through. I now feel ‘on track’ with my life, understand more of who I am and have the ability to see my goals will come to fruition. My self-esteem and confidence has dramatically increased during the twelve months working with Carolyn. Thank you for all your support, wisdom and encouragement.”

Erin L, Perth WA