Christiane Vee

If only she knew then how deserving she was.

Growing up in a new country with an early experience of grief, loss and restriction, followed by years of domestic violence, Christiane understands first hand how embarrassment, silence and fear of the unknown can prevent people from opening up the way to a safe and healthy life, such as the one she now enjoys.

In 1994 Christiane was led to her first mentor who worked closely with her to start her on a healing journey. What followed was a personal awakening that inside all of us, we are strong and powerful human beings. That we all carry treasures inside of us that we can tap into at any time. That we need to get rid of the conditioning, limitations and helplessness to allow the magic to surface and take residence.

Training with Beyond Success in 2007, Christiane continued to peel back the layers and become present to who she really is. It was through this process that Christiane discovered her passion for coaching and her joy in working and connecting with people. To realise the powerful gift she has for helping others to transform their lives too, and take them to the next level.

Having now discovered that underneath all the hurt there is love, and lots of it, Christiane has found a relationship that allows her to express herself fully and freely. She now helps others to achieve the same.


Christiane’s coaching has helped bring many puzzle pieces together for me.  I’m seeing more clearly what’s important and making decisions based on my values: putting my energy where it counts most.  Christiane supports and encourages my progress at every step, which I love.  I’m really excited to see what’s unfolding in my life.

Jeni – Mother of 3, Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, Business Owner

Well… what can I say… not enough really!! Over the past 6 years, Christiane has worked with me as my Life Coach. During that time, my life has Transformed. From where I was then… to where I am now is a complete blessing.  Her intuitive manner helped me tremendously when I was distressed. She knew when to be gentle and when she could be firm. She helped to keep me on track… moving forward – something that gave me clarity and direction.  Every aspect of my life has improved and having Christiane in my life is a blessing!!

Tracey – Business owner Gold Coast