Denise Dunn

All symptoms, pain, fear, disease and stress are the manifestation of emotional imbalance in the body and the relationships in your lives.

“They do not define you, they are a conversation.”

Let’s face it, sometimes you have little clue as to why you react like you do and you don’t know what you don’t know and you typically go around masking symptoms. No amount of good intent, goals and to do lists, analysis, and action taking will be sustainable in living your dreams and goals unless you reconnect to the unknown patterns of resistance in the subconscious mind and balance them so that you can thrive.

Denise has the skills, strategies and wisdom to support her clients to consciously choose how they think, feel and act.

On leaving school, the Police Department sounded appealing, so after two years of training, she graduated to the school of hard knocks, dealing with life on the city streets, experiencing the hidden side of our communities, both dark and light. Denise quickly utilized and developed her personable skills, helping people, in times of crisis or conflict and on a community level. She could have been described as a ‘road side counsellor’. After eight years of seeing more than her fair share of “stories and what goes on in other people’s lives” and feeling stifled in this Para-military organization, her free spirit moved her on.

Denise loves the dynamics of her blended family, with a wonderful supportive husband, two teenage boys and grown up bonus twin daughters who have been with them since the age of four.

Denise integrates her coaching and Practitioner business and can be found immersed at the Wellness centre in Glenelg. SA

Not restricted to geographical boundaries she is a visiting coach/practitioner to the NT and rural areas, actively facilitating workshops and presentations.

Is your will weakened by disease, physical symptoms, pain, addictions, allergies, fear, phobias, low self-esteem and loneliness, eating habits, anxiety/stress/depression/sadness, negative streaks/painful feelings or anger?

Are you avoiding or masking the symptoms and/or pain?

If answering any of these questions with a Yes; plus you are choosing to change this situation then Denise can assist.

She works specifically with people who perceive their lives to be out of balance and are over masking their physical symptoms or emotional behaviours. By offering a uniquely blended style of coaching that goes after the cause in laser like fashion, results can be achieved immediately.

There is a way to stay in your power regardless of your history, current circumstances, or what potentially lies ahead. No matter where you are in your life Denise would love to help you create this clarity so that you can transform a life of reaction into one of action and use these gifts of resistance that are intended to wake you to your true infinite potential to heal, regenerate and become whole.