Edward Plant

Edward (Ed) is a specialist coach in the areas of leadership, change management, goal attainment, weight loss, growing financial wealth and Small Business Coaching.

Before entering coaching, Ed spent 16 years in the Australian Army, where he gained his degree in Civil Engineering and went onto the position of Army Engineer for most of his career. During his career he ran major construction projects in Australia and in Papua New Guinea. In 2006, Ed deployed to Iraq and ran numerous reconstruction projects in Iraq during a six-month deployment. Ed also served in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Towards the end of his career Ed had a number of jobs training officers in the Australian Army. Ed was instrumental in training young officers numerous skills including leadership, planning skills, personnel management, stress management and problem solving. These years in the military have given Ed great listening skills, patience, compassion and a grounded soft approach that balances his life perspectives. He thoroughly enjoyed these roles, which laid a good foundation for his subsequent career in coaching. Ed is a Qualified Coach with Beyond Success.

Ed believes everyone should live the life they want and that everyone has the potential to be happy in every aspect of their life. Sometimes the road is a bit rocky and difficult, however Ed believes every person can change this around and make each day everything they want.