Heather Kenyon

When you started your business were you excited about the future? Did you envisage an increase in wealth with wonderful holidays and the time to spend with your loved ones? Have you found yourself working more and more hours in your business? Have you found you hardly know your partner anymore? How often do you see your children? Have you experienced more stress than joy working in your business? How fulfilled are you? Are you finding it difficult to see a way out?

Heather is an expert in the art of asking questions, questions that can motivate you to make the changes necessary so that you live your life in line with your values. She asks the hard questions that hold you accountable.

Heather has had a range of life experiences having lived in a third world country for the first 20 years of her life and being sent to boarding school in Australia for her high school years. The next stage of Heather’s life was spent in Melbourne where she: reconnected with her extended family; graduated in Economics from University; started teaching Economics, Business and Legal Studies; married and had four children; sold new cars; served on two boards and trained commission salespeople.

Since coming to live in Brisbane Heather has: inspired athletes to follow their dreams and win scholarships overseas, inspired students entering Mooting Competitions to go on and win scholarships to Bond University to study law, organised Work Experience for students, and entered eventual prize winners in various state wide business competitions, guided people in writing their 10 year career plans and run a business with eight employees with her husband, Eddie. Heather has guided a wide range of people in many different areas of life including: personal development, sales skills, speaking and presentation skills and the skills needed to start small business ventures.

Heather has always been energised by her passion for extending people’s potential, well beyond what they originally thought was possible. Her passion is working with small business owners to help them restore balance between their personal and business lives. With her by your side you will learn to concentrate on the roles in your businesses which raise your energy levels while working out strategies to be able to outsource the roles that sap your energy. You will learn how to increase your emotional intelligence which will help you in your relationships with employees, suppliers, clients and of course with those you love at home.

If you are ready to make positive, powerful and lasting changes in your life and/or business and want someone to help hold you accountable, contact Heather now to explore the opportunities.