Jill McIntyre

My daughter Angela came to me not long ago with tears in her eyes and said, ‘Mum you’ve got to the top of the mountain!’

We all have stories and mine with my children’s is probably no different to lots of others, only with variations.  I do know that my focus these days is so very different to the days of old.  I have vision, direction and abundance in my life and fulfilling my dream to support others on their journey.

Decide, Believe, Begin, Become. These 4 words were the turning point in my life?

What blocks had I built up in my life that had stopped my growth, emotionally, financially and spiritually over the previous 15 years?

What changes did I have to make?

  • To have money working for me and not me working for it!
  • To value my own worth. Until I did, no one else was going too!
  • To un-block beliefs that weren’t serving me!
  • To think ‘outside the square’.  Finding solutions to other people’s problems, which would create income for me.
  • Knowing I can achieve what ever I set my mind too!

A property course gave me my start. But with ‘no capital’ to buy, I had to find a way. I‘ve now got numerous property developments on the go, using different buying techniques.

I also run regular workshops on my property interests, traveling the country, supporting others with their growth.

I’ve a membership website happening where I share my experiences in property by way of weekly eclasses.  Oh, I wish I’d had all of these ‘tips, tick lists and support’ when I was starting out

I’m living the dream!   I’m doing all of this, plus more with ‘ease and grace’.  Wow!

These days, awesome opportunities are coming my way, especially in property and business which I’m so passionate about.

I’m so blessed I have it all, my children Angela & Stuart, his wife Rita, and baby Cathy tops it all off for me.

A dream come true and yes miracles do happen!