Jo Thomson

Jo Thomson supports and encourages her clients to realizing their full potential. As a coach, she is skilled at assisting people to set and achieve their goals and overcome their barriers to success.

Jo brings the knowledge and skills she has developed in over 15 years as both a Registered Nurse/Midwife and single parent to her coaching. “Although being a Midwife has been highly rewarding, now that I have discovered my gift as a Life Coach, I feel as though I have found my true passion”, says Jo.

The benefits of having a coach became immediately apparent to Jo when she joined a Property Investing Mentorship Program some years ago. Being a part of that program lead to meeting a coach from Beyond Success. After more than 12 months of coaching with amazing results, Jo decided to become a Life Coach herself to share with others the positive changes she had seen in her own life.

“I am often stunned by how different people are, but how similar we are at the same time. When I was being coached I realised that I had been living life with a victim mindset – blaming things outside myself for how my life was going. I find so many people view the world this way. They don’t realise it and they don’t intend to have a ‘victim mindset’, they just feel like others get all the breaks and they have to do life tough for some reason. However, once this perception changes – which is easier than you think – we can take responsibility for our choices, empower ourselves and start creating a happier and more fulfilling life.”

In addition to extensive training as a life coach, Jo is also experienced in property investment, internet marketing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Jo lives on the NSW Central Coast with her son and their dog, Toby. For fun and fitness she enjoys being taken for a walk by the dog and salsa dancing.

Jo’s warm and caring nature puts her clients at ease. They love her ability to create a safe space which allows them to feel safe exploring any barriers they are experiencing and enable them to create the future they had hoped for. Contact Beyond Success so that Jo can help you safely surge ahead with your goals.