Julie Solich

“I am passionate about helping people unearth the possibilities both within and around them and to empower them to make the changes they need to be the best they can be and live a joy-filled life.”

Julie has an empathetic and compassionate nature combined with a gentle, insightful style of coaching. Her warmth and her ready smile make her approachable and easy to talk to. She focuses on helping people to gain the clarity and confidence needed to find their own solutions. David Oxberg is quoted as saying, “Being listened to is so close to being loved, that most people cannot tell the difference.” Julie is committed to listening with the intention of truly understanding her clients and in doing so creates a space where change can take place.

Six years’ experience in the direct-selling industry has given Julie a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build and run a business and has given her extensive experience in mentoring other women to build successful businesses of their own. Being a mother of three, she also understands the importance of creating and maintaining a work-life balance. Julie has been married for twenty years and specialises in the areas of relationships and communication.

With experience in working with community organisations, working one on one with and running workshops for carers, Julie has helped many people, particularly women to build their self-esteem and to place a higher value on themselves. Julie has a gift for creating a safe place of love and acceptance for her clients. She has a passion for not only giving people hope but also the tools and direction they need to see themselves for who they really are and to be empowered to take action, make changes and love life.

The best thing was I was so down, in such a terrible, terrible place when you called me, and you gave me hope. You remained focused, got me thinking about positive things, and encouraged me to dream when I didn’t feel my dreams could ever be possible, or that I deserved them! It was so beautiful and I will treasure that moment for ever. And that in itself gives me hope when I get down.
Jenn Street, Western Australia

Julie has been an absolute gem to work with. I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to switch off from work and was surprised at how perceptive yet gentle and effective Julie was at highlighting my need for balance. Her ability to see right through all of my activities and busy-ness, whilst still helping me to work towards my personal, emotional and financial goals, had a very strong effect on how I look at things now. I’ve learnt the need for space and balance in all areas of my life by working with Julie. It’s amazing how much more effective you can become when you tackle situations from this headspace. Once again thank you Julie.
Jennifer Stepanik, Business owner – Wollongong NSW