Kathy Ashton

Kathy is a dynamic coach who has a unique ability to help clients identify their emotional baggage and work through it so that they can pursue their own direction with vigour and vitality.

Using her skills as a Beyond Success Life Coach and the Beyond Success Coaching System, Kathy will help you achieve the following:

  1. Your feelings become a choice, not something that ‘just happens’ leaving you dumbfounded and confused about your behaviour. Kathy will guide you through creating every feeling you experience.
  2. You will find out exactly how you’ve unintentionally created negative patterns in your life and how to create patterns that serve you.
  3. You will explore any situations that cause you grief, and how you’ve unconsciously attracted them to you, but more importantly you will find out how to stop attracting them.
  4. You will explore the areas of your life that don’t seem to work, what emotional baggage you are carrying that is preventing you from reaching your dreams and what you can do to improve these areas.
  5. You will take the relationships you have right now to a new level, and, if you are looking for a relationship then you will find out what it is that has been holding you back.

“My coaching style is caring, kind, empathetic, supportive and highly intuitive”, says Kathy. “I have three adult children, two small dogs and a wonderful husband of 31 years. I am a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, as well as a Beyond Success Qualified Life Coach.

While I enjoy coaching clients from all walks of life with any life issues, I have two special interest areas, the first being Nutritional Medicine, which is the science of using Nutrition to prevent and reserve disease processes.  I also love the area of weight loss.  Using nutritionally based diets along with overcoming self-sabotage techniques weight loss can become easy and fun.

My other area of interest is ‘Parenting’.  I enjoy coaching parents, encouraging them to dump their emotional baggage before passing it onto their children. Thereby, enhancing their relationships with their children, and allowing their children to become independent, resilient, emotionally stable people ready to take on the world.

I will encourage and support you to become the very best of whatever it is you want to become in an environment that is safe and secure. I want for you what you want for you, and it is my greatest joy to help you achieve these dreams.

I invite you to join with me as you embark on a journey to create a healthy, peaceful and positive life.