Kathy Roberts

Kathy Roberts is a skilled and passionate coach: “I love seeing my clients discover that they can attain their goals if they truly want to. Life is too short to not give it all you’ve got.”

“We are born, go to school, work, have relationships and family”, Kathy says. “So often we tend to let life just happen and we don’t take a proactive role in the direction our life is heading. Where is the spark? Where are the dreams and the passion? Sometimes it takes a crisis to jolt you into reality but is that how you want to progress through life – by waiting for adversity to give you a wake up call? Trust me, it makes it much harder to move forward this way. Many years ago I found myself living alone with three children. It was quite a daunting prospect . I felt like I had no choice other than to come to the conclusion that I was the only person that was going to make it happen – if it happened at all.”

In the ensuing years, Kathy focused on her highest value of family to create financial independence and a lifestyle which allowed her to be with her children and made the necessary choices to achieve that. The notion of being ‘forced’ to move forward is one that she doesn’t want to repeat and doesn’t feel is necessary if you are proactive in life.

As a success coach, Kathy draws on her immense knowledge and skills from being a nurse in the Emergency department, holding management positions, being a successful property investor and vocational counselor. Her clients are blessed to be able to utilize her impressive litany of life and academic learning.

Kathy Roberts has a great deal to offer every client she coaches, but she has a soft spot for women who want to become financially independent and gain security while still maintaining the balance of family life.

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