Kelley Wylie

When you’re looking for someone special to be your personal success coach look no further than Kelley Wylie. Kelley delivers compassionate, insightful and results-orientated coaching. Throughout the coaching process you will feel supported, encouraged and inspired. You will also be held accountable to achieve your goals. Coaching with Kelley is fun; her quick wit and energy are uplifting and motivational. She specializes in weight loss, addictions, relationships, procrastination, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Kelley has been challenged through life to overcome hurdles and to beat the odds. After a car accident at age 22, in which she sustained a fractured skull, frontal-lobe damage, short-term memory loss, fractures to vertebrae in her neck, and collarbone and shoulder blade fractures, she received a letter from her Neurosurgeon stating that she would never again be able to work in a capacity that required repeated bending, heavy lifting or more than one hour per day of desk work. This was definitely not a prognosis compatible with her career as an Enrolled Nurse.

Having cheated death in 1992, Kelley decided that she’d had enough of toeing the lines that her parents, educators, bosses and neurosurgeon had set for her. After a period of rehabilitation, she decided to live her life on her own terms. In 1993, Kelley spent five months backpacking overseas, including an 18 day hike through the Adirondack Mountains in the USA, (remembering all the while that she couldn’t lift or bend, huh baloney!). Upon returning home, she has married and divorced, become a sole parent, completed a Bachelor of Health (Nursing), attained the status of Qualified Coach with Beyond Success and is today practicing part-time as a Registered Nurse as well as coaching clients on a daily basis. She is now living her dream and is engaged to Tom, the man of her dreams.

Kel’s wide experience in real life situations has culminated in her ability to provide a coaching service that is respectful, empathetic, motivating, and forthright. Her goal is to empower you to Reach Your Targets and to Live The Life That You Deserve….just because You Are Here Now!


is determined by yourself –
NOT the circumstances of your life!
(Gita Bellin)