Kevin Barnes

If you are looking for someone who will “get you” then Kevin will certainly do that. With the essential ability to be able to listen, and read between the lines, Kevin’s clients get results very quickly….

Having had a varied and comprehensive background in LIFE, Kevin is very well equipped to coach his many and varied clients through both personal and professional challenges, encouraging them to “go for it”, remove self limiting obstacles and support them on their journey of self development.

Having worked at both ends of the spectrum from Jobs after School, Apprenticeship, Tradesman, Foreman, Sales Manager, General Manager, Business Owner and Company Director in various fields including, Retail, Engineering, Marine Construction, Real Estate, Residential & Commercial Finance and Personal Development. The common thread through all of this was his desire to empower those around him.

Kevin understands what is going on for his clients and is able to cut through the chafe getting to the root of the problem early. This ability gives his clients an even better experience and overall outcome. All of the twists, turns and learning’s Kevin has experienced have culminated in his meeting Paul, Mary and the Beyond Success Team. As a result of this life changing meeting, Kevin is now a Beyond Success Qualified Coach, committed to the high standard of service fostered through this great organization.

If you know you need to do something, should do something, want to do something, let’s have a chat and work out what it is that’s holding you back from fully feeling how to be the awesome, wonderful, successful person you really are in all areas of your life!!