Kristy Greenshields

As a high achieving woman, and as the mother of two beautiful girls, my challenge over the years has been to find enough time to do the things I WANT to do, rather than the things I feel I should be doing.

My easy coaching style will allow you to gain clarity, focus and act. You will see positive results in a short period of time AND they will last because you have done it the right way!

My own experience of this method has allowed me to build a successful business with my husband, form key partnerships with other business entities, and inspire other women to take control of their life.

My life had very little direction for many years, and I allowed others to dictate what I did with it. Understanding that you can take responsibility for your life is truly empowering. If I can do it, so can you!

After nine years in the army as an intelligence officer, I studied to qualify as a naturopath and began working with people. I soon discovered that I had a talent for inspiring positive change. Finding Beyond Success was no coincidence for me. It has provided me with the tools to really help people turn their lives around.

Now I work with individuals, groups and organizations, teaching them about the power of communication in personal and business relationships, especially the most pivotal relationship, which is with oneself.

When working with me you will truly be challenged to explore your innermost fears and doubts. Together we explore and break through the subconscious blockages that prevent you from achieving fulfillment in your life, whether it is regarding your health, wealth or happiness.

My qualifications include: Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy (Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Massage and Reflexognosy), Reiki and Reconnective Healing practitioner, NLP practitioner, Professional Speaker and Facilitator.

I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to overcome my challenges, and I am passionate about helping YOU to overcome yours. Put me to the test!

There is happiness in every moment – all you have to do is experience it. I invite you to work with me to tap into the happiness in your life. We can share that journey together …..


“Kirsty has helped me to uncover new dimensions and discover my true potential within. I have identified blockages that I was not prepared to address before our work together. As a result of our regular conversations, and the self-paced work in the personal development system, I have found new clarity. I feel incredibly supported by Kirsty on my journey of self discovery, on every level.” – Natalie, Gold Coast

As a result of the coaching I have found new clarity. I feel incredibly supported by Kirsty in my journey of self discovery. I am now living my life the way I want to! Kirsty has been a fantastic coach. As a result I have conquered my fear of getting a panic attack and my anxiety. This has saved my life. I feel I have my life back after 15 months. I am very much happier and back to my joyful, energetic self. – Zuzana, Sydney

“…. I received feedback from two women stating that you had such an influence on their lives that they now attend a catch up group with each other every second Thursday to reflect on your teachings and how to apply them. That there has been the development of a sisterhood of women based on the journey that you commenced with them, is just a little magic that we get to see as service providers and we are grateful for your contribution to that ….” – Women’s Information Referral Centre, Canberra ACT.