Lexia Cherry

B.A. Social Welfare, B.Ed. TAA

Dream Achieving for Women
Living the life you love, with ease and joy.
Sometimes our conditioning and beliefs hold us back. I work with women to get the best from themselves and others.

Have you had dreams and find that things or relationships get in the way?

Do you wish you could do something and it just feels out of reach?

Imagine someone cheering you from the side, being your very best supporter.

Imagine having your own Coach!

Lexia is the person to help you to get clear, and take steps towards the life you deserve. A Qualified Coach with Beyond Success (2011 Coaching Business of the Year Award) and accredited with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching, Lexia has trained in many fields from women’s health and fitness to professional and personal development. Lexia works with women who want to realise their dreams, and who want to discover how to get the best out of themselves and others.

Imagine discovering, and creating, the life that makes your heart sing. Not what others want of you, but what is true for you.

Would you like the help and motivation, to take yourself further than you’ve gone before?

Hello, this is my invitation to be your coach. During our time together we will be exploring a lot of territory. I understand the frustrations of being unclear, feeling like something is missing, and not knowing what and how to get what you want. I’ve had my own Coach and Mentors, I’d hate to think where I’d be today without them.

As your Coach, I will:

  • Encourage you to be the best you can be
  • Challenge you to dream bigger than you’ve ever dared
  • Identify goals, and support you as you reach those goals quickly
  • Facilitate changes to limiting thinking and behaviour patterns
  • Provide the structure, tools and perspectives to help you along
  • Cheer from the sidelines while you chase your dreams
  • Expect more of you than you expect of yourself.

I can help you achieve your goals, be the person you wish to be and live the life of your choice.

I look forward to working with you.


“I am gaining great benefits from Lexia. Her style is not intrusive, yet gently forceful, getting me motivated to stay on track. I love my contact with her because it reassures me that I am very much able to achieve my goals. I would recommend her to anyone! Many thanks!”
Ella L. SA

“Hi Lexia, I really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your ability to direct me, confront me and keep me gently but firmly on track. No judgements – just active listening and support to focus and shift. I have gained many insights from the conversations we have had. So…a very big thank you.”
Susan J. SA

“Lexia couldn’t be more helpful or have more empathy. Her acceptance, patience and commitment to the task of coaching me. My life is now changing in areas that I thought would be impossible to change!”
John B SA