Lexie Meyer

Lexie has worked with people, helping them to make changes, almost all her adult life. She has the ability to ask questions that lead to insights and uses her humour, common sense and compassion to open up new possibilities for action.

Lexie’s dynamic and high energy style is also warm and empathetic – a balance which is rare and a huge advantage to her as a coach.

Lexie appreciates that her role as a coach is to support, encourage and strategise with you, her client, because YOU are the one designing and living your life.

She will hold you firmly accountable to your commitments and is skilled in breaking through your blockages to success. She will also lovingly remind you that it is up to you to take the consistent action to bring your goals into reality.

Alongside this work, Lex has used her talents to buy and drastically improve many small to medium businesses in a variety of industries, building great teams along the way. This means she knows how it is to wear many ‘hats’, is skilled at cutting through to the nub of an issue and has great interpersonal techniques to assist you.

She has also worked with all levels of business, government and the community to improve economic, environmental and social viability. This means that she is skilled in negotiating her way to successful joint outcomes with an unusual mix of colleagues and can pass this on to you.

Over the last twenty years, Lex has realised incrementally the power of taking time to be still.

“People need to stop and take the time to reconnect with themselves, one another and nature.”

Many lives imitate a person banging their head on a brick wall and wondering “where has the time gone; is this all there is?”

“Peaceful moments can be hard to find in the midst of todays rat race”, says Lexie.

It requires stillness, to create and fully understand your life’s vision. To assist you in discovering what stillness can do for you, she provides a place where there are no clocks, radios or TVs in beautiful natural surroundings by the sea, where your mobile phone won’t work.

“This is a place where you can stop your head from hitting that brick wall – and just enjoy the difference it makes!”

Lexie can also teach you how to create that kind of space in your mind so you can step into it whenever you want to be more creative, more centred, or more powerful. This is an important aspect to regularly tuning in to your purpose and passion so that you can live life with inspiration, energy and joy.

Lexie began asking people about their visions for their lives and found that most people realised they had not envisioned their lives since childhood or their teenage years.

“Most of us these days are so busy with the details of daily living that we lose sight of our life’s visions – if we ever had them”, said Lex. “Frankly I think we let corporations and advertisers tell us what our visions for our lives should be; no wonder they disappoint us even if we achieve them”

How can we live a happy fulfilling life if we have no vision of what that looks like?

Businesses have realised this for years, which is why they have planning days and take their senior staff off site to create their companies’ visions for the next period of growth. They know the value of visions and planning; and they know the importance of physically removing themselves from the day-to-day distractions to develop new paradigms.

“We need to be able to do this for ourselves – and teach our children to do it too.”

Lex sees life as a continuum of learning and development, and would be delighted to walk beside you on part of your journey. Isn’t it time you connected with your true potential?