Liana Allison

Liana Allison takes great pleasure in assisting people to enhance their individuality, using inherent strengths to increase their self-awareness and personal power. She draws on her counselling and spiritual teachings, to strengthen her personal and professional coaching style. Liana coaches people and companies that are focussed on moving forward in life and achieving their goals on an ongoing basis, adding to the fun and joy of a proactive life.

Liana has assisted clients in areas such as life-work balance, time management, personal empowerment, accomplishing personal and business goals. These clients come from diverse back grounds such as, small business people; stay at home parents; school teachers; community support counsellors.

In her “previous life” as a small business owner in the tourism world, she has achieved many business goals. Her houseboat business in SA became the first houseboat business in the world to receive Eco-tourism Accreditation, and presented a keynote speech on this to the National Eco-tourism Conference before international delegates in 2003.

She is highly trained and qualified through the Beyond Success coach training company, and also has qualifications in NLP, Remedial Massage, Reiki, Intuitive Counselling and 20 years of business knowledge and acumen.

Because of her diverse knowledge she has been asked to talk on many topics on local radio and television. Liana has worked on advisory committees within the tourism industries of both SA and Vic.

Liana has the qualification and experience to understand and help you to achieve what you want in your life, whether it be work focused or through their personal growth. Family and interpersonal relationships are a very important focus in her coaching. Liana can share with you the secrets which can give you a happy, fun and, exciting life balance. Liane practices what she coaches and this can be seen in the relationship she has with her partner and two adult sons.