Libby Butler

“Who am I? What are my unique talents, skills and gifts that I could be sharing with the world? I know what I want to achieve, but how am I going to do that? How can I bring more fun, more confidence, and more RESULTS into my life?” 


If these are questions you have been asking yourself, then you are in the right place, at the right time.


Using a unique combination of leading edge tools and profound ancient wisdom, my mission is to unlock hidden talents within individuals, and assist managers and business owners to unleash the true potential of their teams.


Operating from a place of integrity, authenticity, passion, insight, humour and a strengths-based perspective, I can assist you to gain increased self-awareness, build your confidence, get clarity and direction, and achieve your goals through focused and timely action.


I have worked in the Youth and Community Development sector for more than 15 years and I took on my first formal Life Coaching clients in 2006 after studying Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to Train the Trainer level. I then went on to train with Paul & Mary Blackburn from Beyond Success and qualified as one of their coaches in February 2008. In 2012 I was certified as a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant. I also hold a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.


On a personal level, I married my best friend and soul mate in 2005 (an Englishman named Ron), and together we have two beautiful young children – Arun and Grace.


I have an unshakeable belief that everyone was put on this earth with unique gifts to share with the world, and the world is a much richer place when people become who they were meant to be.


If you are ready to take your life and relationships to the next level, and are totally committed to doing what it takes to get the results you are after, I’d be absolutely honoured to work with you.


What my clients say: 


“I have been working with Libby as my coach for 15 months. I feel like a changed person. I have made huge changes in my life, both in my work arena and in my relationships. I’ve improved my self-esteem, my confidence and even my health, which has been linked to emotions. We’ve been working through the Beyond Success modules and Libby has been supportive, fun and encouraging the entire way. I would recommend that you get her on board and let her help you through any difficulties you have – because I feel fantastic!” ~ Sally Harrison, NSW 



“The greatest thing about having Libby as a coach is that she guides you to finding your own answers, she never gives them to you. She challenges you when you need it and is very supportive when things go wrong. I would describe her as my guardian angel who is just an email away! I really feel like Libby is on my side, helping me to become the best possible me.” ~ Helena Ryan, QLD 



“12 months ago I began Life Coaching through Beyond Success and was blessed to be given Libby Butler as my coach. From our first contact, Libby gained my trust through her caring acceptance of me, and her encouragement. To feel safe to share my real self (not just the me I thought I was supposed to be), to feel heard and have that validated meant a huge amount to me. Her wisdom in knowing the right resources to help me and the right answers to ask, that would lead me to find my own answers was just what I needed. 


Between Beyond Success Bootcamps, unit work and Libby’s skilled and compassionate coaching, I feel like I have come out from under a dark cloud that had been with me much of my life. The sun is shining again and the future is full of hope. I feel freedom and genuine excitement for all it holds”. ~ Shannley Smith, QLD