Linette Hagen

Linette’s background as a Special Education teacher of over 26 years has enhanced her compassion, understanding and empathy towards one and all. Linette strongly believes that each and every one of us is a VIP and this shines through in her coaching. As a professional speaker in the areas of personal empowerment and disability, Linette continues to spread her message that we are all VIP’s and it would be her pleasure to assist you in your success story.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller

If Helen Keller who was both deaf and blind found life a daring adventure then who are we not to!

Linette has a passion for personal development and empowerment, starting with herself.

Her motto is to follow your ‘passion and purpose’ and by doing so all else falls into place. Linette loves connecting with people and her clients find she has a positive energy that uplifts and motivates them.

In her teaching career, Linette always had the focus on the individual as opposed to the curriculum or 3R’s. Her philosophy was that ‘happy children learn’ and it is her wish as a coach to assist her clients in being happy, so they too are open to accepting and embracing themselves and surging forth in making the life of their dreams a reality!

Throughout her career, Linette has found that people fear what they do not know or understand. The more awareness, knowledge and understanding one has on a topic, then the less fear there is and the opportunity for growth blossoms. Linette’s role as a coach is to facilitate your knowledge and awareness so that you can feel empowered to become all that you can be.

Linette’s coaching style is a blend of gentle firmness, encouraging and supporting you as you gain clarity and focus on what is important to you. Working with the head (intellectual), the heart (feeling) and the hand (doing) transformations and changes are powerful as they occur on both the conscious and sub-conscious level. There is no right or wrong and no judgements are made. Only steps forward to achieving and mastering your goals. Happiness, laughter and fun are included free of charge!