Linky Müller

Linky Müller has extensive experience in setting up, owning and running businesses in Australia and Internationally. As a Qualified Coach she brings to you the comprehension of what it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to set up and run a business alongside having family life, which only experience can teach you.

Linky is driven by empathy for your unique set of circumstances that brought you to where you are today. She has worked in the corporate environment as well as private enterprise and uses coaching, NLP, meditation and Kinesiology methodology to create the best environment for you to succeed. Her work as a Personal Trainer gives her a very strong understanding of how hard it can be to do what you need to do instead of what you want to do.

Linky also has extensive experience in relationship building. She has been married for nearly 30 years with three grown children. She has helped many clients with relationship issues, resolving personality issues between the persons involved and creating compatibility and harmony in very stormy situations. Her perspective on assisting clients is to find them where they are and work from there to where they want to be, using all the necessary skills available to her and the client. When working on the client’s strengths, as well as their weaknesses, the aim is to create the best outcome possible for the client..

Linky Muller was an extremely significant being (person) on my long road to recovery in the last 5yrs. Before I met Linky I was a qualified, out of work aircraft maintenance engineer. Out of work due to a major head injury accident, that left me with epilepsy as well as other noticeable & not so noticeable disabilities.

I first was blessed by Linky’s light when I joined a local Gym. From there a special bond of truth, honesty & smiles formed. Linky helped inspire me to gain my personal training certificate & also now my remedial massage certificate & I am continuing with further studies of the body with a kinesiology course, which Linky has completed. With Linky’s encouragement & faith my will for living & gaining greater health & knowledge is something that will reverberate in my being till I reach the end of my road. 😀

Hallo Linky, was lovely to meet you on Sunday and enjoyed your workshop, am being more mindful of connecting with the harp especially playing for other people… like today with lovely people in aged care. Wish you well with your new book… 🙂
Linda McCoullough

When you have Linky on your side, you know that she will give her best because she cares about your progress just as much as you do.

Her Passion is to find or explore your Passion so that you can live your Purpose to your full Potential. Because Life is a process and not a destination.