Lorwai Tan

Career Transition Coaching
Aspire to live a life by design, not default


•    Do you feel that you have spent a better part of your life climbing up the ladder of success only to find it leaning up against the wrong wall?
•    Are you actively looking to make a career change except you are uncertain about what that change will be like?
•    Are you determined to have your family, and your sense of personal happiness and well being as non-negotiable priorities in your new career?
•    Do you want to engage in work that is meaningful and make more money than you thought possible?
•    Do you want more than just a job that pays the bills?
•    Have you wondered if the assertion of “do what you love and the money will follow” will work for you?

About me:

My name is Lorwai TAN (PhD) and my background is in medical science research. In my previous role as a scientist and supervisor I observed that the highest productivity and greatest job satisfaction came from people who wanted to be at their workplace by choice.
My passion is to help you make decisions that are in your best interest. As your coach, let me help you gain clarity and direction in this very important area of your life.
I will:
•    support you in your journey of self discovery
•    soundboard alternative career choices as you realize your limitless potential
•    help you craft real and practical strategies to making your career transition

It takes a team to make a dream (come true), so get me in your corner as your personal coach to help you think big and start living your life by design.

Client testimonials:
“After working with Coach Lorwai for approximately 4 weeks, I have experienced some major breakthroughs! 1) I have been reconnected to my childhood dream that had been lying dormant – becoming a singer and songwriter! 2) She has helped me to identify my core values and write my personal mission statement based on my values. 3) I was given an exercise to do that literally changed a major aspect of my life – money! This exercise helped me to identify a negative core belief about money that was created in my mind when I was a child.
This negative core belief was responsible for sabotaging my ability to generate, save, and manage my money! That lie has lost its power over me and I believe I now have the right relationship with money! I am very excited my life and the direction I am going. I actively designing and working toward my goals and dreams! I thank God for bring Coach Lorwai into my life to help catapult me to where I need to be.”

Yvonne C, Atlanta Georgia USA

“After a few short sessions with Lorwai, she was able to find out that I needed a new direction and focus.
The next few sessions were figuring out exactly what my priorities in life are.
Finally, the last few were about setting out and how to achieve them.
I am immensely grateful for her patience and time taken with me and especially her help with my new direction.”

Matt M Cairns Qld