Margaret Harrod

“Remember, one day you’re going to be but a footnote in the history of the world. What are you going to do between right now… and then?” ~ Laura Schlessinger

Margaret inspires women to create themselves into the person they are destined to be. Her enthusiasm for living challenges her clients to recreate themselves and to make and achieve their dreams. She does this through firm support and encouragement.

Margaret has 20 years of experience that gives evidence to her passion for empowering individuals to reach their potential. Her philosophy is to strive to provide people with a mindset designed to build self worth and to create their dreams.

Margaret leads by example. She was abused as a child, and consequently has had to deal with the effects these events have had on her development. Margaret does not view herself as a victim but instead as an empowered woman who has managed to grasp her life with both hands in order to be able to reach her dreams.

Dear Margaret, You are amazing in your courage, fortitude, determination, strength and capacity for insight and resilience. Your journey is an inspiration to date and will continue to be – for yourself and others. It is a privilege to know you. ~ Malise Arnstein PH.D.

Throughout her healing journey, Margaret held fast to her dream of assisting other women to “Create Yourself – Create Your Dreams”. This is the focus of her coaching business.

Margaret has been married for 24 years to her loving husband Rod and together they have two grown up children. She enjoys traveling and exploring natural environments, particularly through trekking.