Mark Dungey

When you started your business were you excited about the possibilities, about being in control of your own destiny, about making it big? Now does it seem the business is running your life? Is it impacting on your health or relationships? Did you ever think being in business would take you away from your family and not be as rewarding as you’d hoped? Well there is a way you can bring back the excitement and bring in more profit.

Mark Dungey is an expert who can bring multi-national business skills and experience to your business. He is passionate about assisting people to make small, easy to implement improvements that will have a big impact on their profits, relationships and personal life.

Mark will show you how to soften the ups and downs of managing your business. While working his way up to Restaurant Manager of two McDonalds Family Restaurants, Mark gained an in-depth understanding of business systems, and how to optimise them in order to help you take control, consistently maximise profits and free your time. In a six month period working with managers in Sizzler Restaurants, he facilitated changes that resulted in an improvement in Cost of Sales averaging $4,000 per month, and a sustained increase in profit across the region of over $30,000 a month.

Another area where Mark feels blessed to specialise in is relationships. Mark believes he has the secrets of a sustainable loving marriage, having been happily married to the love of his life for 28 years and with four lovely daughters. As well as the know-how gathered through his business and consulting experience, he has broadened his relationship skills through a number of years of leading his church youth group.

Mark has worked in strategic human resource management roles and has been a business improvement consultant within Defence. He is an Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Certified Professional, a qualified facilitator with personality profiling tools including the Strength Deployment Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and has consolidated all this with a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Mark is a Qualified Coach with Beyond Success and is an Accredited Professional Coach with the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Coaching. Having run small businesses in the rural and service industries, managing businesses for multi-national enterprises, and consulting to the Government sector, Mark has the skills and experience to assist you to design and live the life you desire.

Why does your business NEED Mark Dungey? When you have Mark by your side you gain access to his first-class coaching ability & skills combined with his extensive business experiencefocussed directly on helping you get what you want. He will be a sounding board and isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions to help you gain clarity and focus and identify your priorities. Mark will support you all the way, so it’ll be like being in business for yourself, not by yourself! He will suggest appropriate tools or systems to help you take back control of your life and your business. How great would that feel? He will facilitate changes to mindset and behaviour patterns that could be holding you back. Mark will assist you to take both your business and yourself to the next level.