Martin Clay

Martin started his personal development journey 13 years ago, when he read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. After sparking his interest into how others think, Martin decided he wanted to find out more about how highly successful people think and achieve successful and positive results – and what sets them apart from others. Needless to say, Martin gained valuable life experience and insights into what can be achieved during the time he worked in France, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Turkey and Montenegro for a top 100 Forbes ranked billionaire.

While Martin could not read until he was eight years old, and struggled academically throughout primary and high school, Martin has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. This saw him develop multiple businesses at school, his first at only eight years of age, and throughout high school and beyond. Martin then set his mind to the goal of buying his first house by the age of 20 and has now gained an investment portfolio of eight properties. His passion for the property market saw him working in his own business selling and leasing commercial and industrial properties. Martin has now started buying profitable existing websites and has a keen interest in the Internet “property” market.

Martin is living proof that success should not be defined or measured by academic results or how much money you earn but rather on achieving your goals, your relationships, life balance, health, integrity and your inner relationship with yourself.

And this is the philosophy Martin takes into his coaching work. Martin is down to earth, attentive, and has a keen interest in helping clients grow and maximize their strengths and tap into their true potential. Martin loves helping his clients discover what truly matters to them and how they can build a life of joy and fulfillment and a career around what they love.

How would it feel if you woke up every morning doing what you love?

Martin is on a continual journey of self-discovery and is passionate about coaching people to help them unlock their potential and empower them to achieve all their dreams.

Martin’s favorite quote is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi.

Read what some of Martin’s clients have said about what it has meant for them having Martin as their coach:


In my time being coached by Martin, I found him to be honest, genuine and helpful. Martin was able to help me realise what my main priorities were, what goals I wanted to achieve and how to achieve them. As an ultra-marathon runner, I know how important mindset is and Martin contributed to helping me achieve my successes in competing for Australia and ultimately winning a silver medal in the team event. 

Martin is a great listener, and was able to help me find clarity and focus in my life, and gain a better understanding of myself as a person, and how I influence others around me. 

I am able to use the tools Martin has given me in the future and the modules we worked on together have been surprisingly thought provoking and valuable in areas of my life I didn’t know I needed to change. 

I would recommend Martin as a coach to anyone wanting to discover their selves and their values, and how to find their passion and mould it into their everyday life. I have also gained insights from Martin that I can use as a manager to help my employees in my own business. 

Matthew E (Brisbane Australia)

“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Martin Clay for the last 4 months.  As a life coach he is generous with his time and knowledge, and I liked the way he didn’t come across as forceful, but still enabled me to face situations and to break things down into manageable ‘parts’ which I felt I could then ‘action’. 

His gentle guidance helped me understand why I do certain things the way I do and his coaching process helped me to re-look at some of my priorities and make the necessary adjustments. This ensured I did not neglect my family and spiritual needs (to be honest, I hadn’t realised that I needed other things in my life other than work, family and exercise).

Martin’s style of coaching / questioning and discussion helped me to see just how much I had previously been bogged down by small frustrating issues.  It seemed to me that I was too busy in my day-to-day life, yet his patience and encouragement helped me to make goals and then achieve them. We both discussed strategies and then I was surprised that it wasn’t so hard after all!

At the end of each session I felt energised and would highly recommend Martin as a life coach.  As well as being honest and humble, I admire his work ethos and his self-discipline.  He also has a friendly nature and is easy to communicate with.  His assistance to me has been priceless.”

Sue W (Brisbane, Australia)