Michelle Lee

I am PASSIONATE about coaching YOU to the career of yourDREAMS.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? Stuck with no direction? You know there is more out there but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

I am truly passionate about assisting you in not only discovering and living your dream career and life, but also in helping you discover so much more about yourself.

Career means the course of road in life, which is far more significant than mere employment. A career is a physical expression of what you give to life, your contribution and communication to and with the Universe. Use your career as a means to express yourself in a fulfilling way, while at the same time generating income for you. Choose something that means a lot to you.

I am a life coach, but also importantly I am someone who has felt the confusion of what to study, what to become, where to work, whether to set up a business, whether to change careers even when I was doing well in the career I was in, and was making a great income. Through several turning points in my life, and subsequent personal development, I soon discovered more about myself. What I resonated most strongly with, and where I found my passion was in helping others find theirs and helping them to turn their lives around and to believe they could have what they dreamed of. I now have a life coaching business, specialising in career coaching.

My experience has taught me that I can make that choice from the answers that feel right for me. My wish is to inspire you to be clear about your vision for you and your life, and to make choices and take actions with confidence to propel you towards your dreams. I look forward to sharing with you strategies which ended up changing my entire life and ultimately my career.

What a few of my clients have said:

“I recently went through a major upheaval in my life, found Michelle’s coaching an amazing support. She was available to me at all times, empowered me to turn this experience into a positive opportunity and highly constructive with her advice. Without Michelle’s coaching for the 3 months prior and during, there is a strong possibility that I would have ended up very depressed during this period of change. I cannot speak more highly of Michelle’s professionalism, warmth & generosity….

“…  I was completely trapped. Michelle opened my eyes to the possibility I could have a wonderful, balanced, happy life and I actually deserve it.  It is Michelle who introduced me to myself and I actually like me!

Michelle has a lovely warm nature, which encouraged me to nurture myself, she has a very practical approach, which would give me a push along when I lost focus, and her wisdom guided my exploration of myself and life’s opportunities.

Recently I was faced with a massive life change when I resigned from my job, a job I hated, but felt I had to do because it offered me security & what else could I do?  Michelle was there offering support & advice when I needed it the most. Through her coaching I was able to see it as an opportunity for positive change and am now excited to wake up each day to see what is in store and I feel as though anything is possible.

Thank you Michelle for taking me on this wonderful journey.” K. Gaffy -Melbourne 2009

4 months ago I lacked direction and was going through the motions of life as many of us do, feeling like I had lost confidence, strength and self worth all of which was much less than who I am. I knew I wanted to regain the person that I am but didn’t know how.

I was less than satisfied with the job I had but lacked the motivation to dare to dream for something better. My job had enslaved me , I felt trapped unappreciated and worthless. I procrastinated about the day to day things all the while fearing rejection and my own success.

Luckily for me, at a Beyond Success workshop I first met my now coach but more importantly good friend Michelle Lee.

Since then my life has changed immeasurably, I am now starting a new career in a field that I am passionate about, I’m taking charge of my life and reconnecting with the people around me that matter. It’s been a lot of hard work but the journey has been the most rewarding part and wouldn’t have been possible without my coach Michelle.  Geoff Crowfoot (March 2011)