Michelle Peterson Clark

Working with women, especially those with children who are running their own business, is Michelle’s passion. It is possible to have a family and run your own successful business and still enjoy all that life has to offer!

Michelle’s motto is “Excellence Takes Courage” and she strives each day to have the courage to achieve excellence in her personal and working life. Along with her husband John she is raising three energetic, delightful (and at times frustrating!) boys aged 15, 13and 3.

In 2007 she established her company Not Just Enterprises Pty Ltd and has developed a range of services around the “Not Just” theme. Her successfulNotJustPapers.combusiness provides stationery and gift incentive items to people in the direct selling industry and has enabled her to discover her coaching niche:

“Women who run direct selling, home based businesses – especially those who wish to move into a Leadership role within their respective organisations”

From this Not Just Coaching was born.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Geography and Politics and an Honours degree in Third World Geography, having spent 7 weeks in the Philippines studying an Australian aid project. Her Graduate Diploma in Regional and Urban Planning enabled her to undertake 10 years working in State and Local Government in South Australia as a social planner working in the areas of urban redevelopment and public housing. This employment saw her running community workshops and dealing directly with the users of services provided by government. Today Michelle is successfully coaching women within the Mary Kay Cosmetics sales force. She also runs Pink Mindset workshops all over Australia.

Regardless of which direct sales company you are with, Not Just Coaching can help you with navigating work and family life to realise your dreams and live a life of passion and purpose.

Here is what two of Michelle’s clients are saying about their coaching journey with her:

Michelle, you know about Mary Kay the company, the ethics the integrity, what we do and how we go about it – it’s not an ‘easy’ culture to explain to people outside of Mary Kay! Or people who have no experience within the company I have considered and enquired about coaching previously, but their concepts, ideas and strategies to build your business aren’t a fit with me or Mary Kay without a lot of effort required to have them understand the company and our business before we can even get down to ‘coaching’. It always seemed too hard.

I love the idea of working with you because you have a knowledge and understanding of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what determination and belief can achieve.

Carissa Banks
Snr Sales Director, Hobart, Tas.

I am privileged to receive coaching from Michelle Peterson-Clark. During the course so far, I have learned so much about myself and therefore experienced a lot of emotional growth. While emotional growth is hard, Michelle has been wonderful in helping me to learn and then move forward. For the first time in my life I have a ‘Mission Statement’ and I have an action plan to follow for my week/month that will enable me to be more focused and therefore more productive. I’m excited!

I would strongly recommend coaching to help you work through issues and gain perspective and I truly believe it will propel your business forward if you allow it to. I feel it is great value for money and well worth the investment in your business.

Beth Miles
Sales Director, Ulverstone, Tas.