Nils Oman

Create and live the life of your dreams!

If you want to live a life of financial freedom with time to look after number ONE (yourself) and then enjoy success in the rest of your chosen life areas, you should work with Nils.

Nils was born in Sweden. At 30 years of age he went on a backpacking tour around the world, met his wife-to-be in Sydney and stayed in Australia. When he came here, Nils had only $1,000 in his pocket. After working diligently in the telecommunications and IT industry he has built an impressive property portfolio and now enjoys financial freedom.

“I have had my ups and down in life like everyone else”, says Nils. “I have worked with technology and finance in Sweden, Malaysia and Australia. As a coach I most enjoy working with business clients who want to see the fruits of their labour both professionally and personally. I also get a big kick out of giving ‘up and coming’ business people some much needed insight and tips on how to use their time and money efficiently and effectively.”

Nils biggest learning in life so far is appreciating the tremendous value of being master of your own time. How would your life improve if you were to master your time? When asked about the key to creating and living the life of your dreams, Nils says, “Be optimistically realistic. It doesn’t happen over night but that doesn’t mean it has to take a lifetime either.”

Nils has a pleasant and switched on manner, a sharp mind and is results oriented. With Nils as your coach you will have a real asset to progress your goals, expand your world and move to a well balanced successful life. What are you waiting for? Begin!