Peter Gouws

I’m passionate about helping people to learn to enjoy who they are, realise how much real potential lies dormant within them and how to tap into their own strengths and capabilities…

…feeling good, looking good, doing great! From believing to achieving!

Born in 1955 in the Congo (of all places!), schooled for the most part in the Lebanon and the UK, my education has since taken me from the Middle East, through Europe (France and Germany), to the USA, Africa and now to Australia where I have made my home in Adelaide. I have lived and worked under the influence of many cultures, languages and terrain. I have also wide experience and qualifications in a number of trades and professions, enjoy good humour (always a matter of opinion!), health, happiness, 4 beautiful Children (Vincent, Hendrik, Lynda and Annike) and a fabulous relationship with the woman of my dreams, whom I love more every day.

A works accident, lots of time on my hands, an ever inquisitive mind, my beautiful wife and a few things that coincided with one another (I don’t believe in ‘coincidence’!) brought me to Coaching in March of 2009, from which I will never look back and which has taken my life and its meaning to a higher level never dreamed attainable (Thanks to Paul, Mary and literally EVERYONE at Beyond Success who I have had the honour of meeting and working with – unashamed plug!)

A discerning listener with the innate ability to sound out underlying issues, I’m eager to lend an ear to clients wishing to gain the upper hand in their lives and to realise their full potential. I do, however, have a ‘pet subject‘ which I find particularly rewarding to help with…

Good health is the most important factor for the long-term enjoyment of everything else in our lives. How can we take pleasure in our loved ones, wealth and happiness without sound health? Just because my bits aren’t broken or damaged yet, doesn’t mean to say that some things couldn’t do with some improvement, either … and that goes for almost everyone and everything in life!

So, I believe in a wholistic approach, which involves no more than a healthy balance in (wholesome, not boring!) nutrition, some excercise and a healthy ‘attitude’ (a small shift in ‘mindset’ goes a long way!), all in reasonable measure…leading to an altogether better immune-system, less heart problems, freedom from Type II Diabetes and a lot, lot more! …SO, no mental or physical torture involved which is difficult or even dangerous to maintain, no expensive machinery or magic pills or ‘additives’, no daily hours of weights and cardio down the gym. My own personal flavour is added by my life-long interest in nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation, tactile therapies and my own, confirmed belief that almost everyone is able to be largely free from the shackles of physical, emotional and psychological dependency on pharmaceutica.

Leading a healthy way of life is so much more than just some fad diet-plan and jogging every day, just imagine for a moment being at peace with yourself, pleased with who you are, being in touch with how you feel, knowing what you want and not wasting any more time procrastinating

…How good would that feel?

If that sounds like something you might want a piece of… you know where to get me!