Peter Kakris

Hi, I am Peter Kakris. One of my fundamental beliefs in life is that we are all born with unlimited potential. Unfortunately most people don’t get the chance to reach that potential because they haven’t had the right coaching, encouragement or nurturing in their lives. Allow me to help you make up for lost time!

I decided to go into business at the relatively young age of 24. I had $1 in my back pocket and knew absolutely nothing about business! It took a lot of hard work from there I learned via trial and error as part owner and software developer in the business.

In my twelfth and final year of business, I employed the services of a business coach to help me expand the organisation. During the coaching process I realised that despite having a successful and profitable company, I didn’t have the heart or passion for the industry anymore, and, with gratitude for the learning it gave me, I knew it was time to move on. When I did my coach training with Beyond Success I realised that coaching is what I have always wanted to do.

During the twelve years in my own business I learned a great deal about business and life. The skills and experience I gained have been invaluable to the work I do with my clients in my coaching work.

I discovered that in business (and in life) we are limited by our own beliefs and values. For me, the values and beliefs I had around making lots of money, selling and abundance in general limited the growth of my company and the lifestyle I lived. I only wish I knew about all this 10 years earlier!

My forte as a software developer was in visiting companies, assessing their requirements and then designing and implementing software for them (also helping them with their existing manual systems). The variety of industries I worked in and the organizational cultures I observed all contributed to my skills and experiences. Together with establishing and running my own company with many staff, I am well placed to offer business coaching also.

With my clients, I effectively go through the same process. Meet a client, together we assess what is and isn’t working in their life. Together, we design and implement strategies to make this happen. The joy that I get out of coaching is that we look at both internal and external challenges and work together to overcome them. It is a blast to see the results!

With my wide breadth of business knowledge and experiences, IT skills and life coaching skills I am perfectly placed to help business owners get the most out of themselves and turn their business into a profitable investment, instead of a hard working job with no leave! Imagine that… Yes, it can be done!

I am a very determined person who is always up for a challenge. I only consider success with some ‘challenges’ along the way, “failure” is not in my vocabulary. I am a strong believer in doing many of the little things towards your goals, I call them 1% ers. I am also a big believer in team work and coaching. The best results are achieved with awesome coaching – someone who is knowledgeable and by your side.

Other life experiences that I bring to my coaching include: being a serious athlete (past tense!); coping with injuries, overcoming long term and debilitating health issues; having a fulfilling marriage; being a parent to two young children; trading options on the stock market; setting up a membership website; having my own superannuation company; being a director five of companies (three of which I don’t work in); and having shares in companies I don’t work in.

My focus is coaching people that have their own organisation, that want to improve themselves and their business.

I look forward to teaming up with you – let’s get started.