Rebecca Squires

Would you like to feel as though you have the skills to create the life that you want? Bec is a coach that believes everyone has a right to live as they would like. She enjoys helping people create a strong sense of identity, and supporting them to make changes in their lives to embrace their uniqueness. Bec strongly believes that every person has potential just waiting to happen.

Have you ever woken up thinking “I have everything I want, but I’m still not happy?”
What changes do you need to make in order to gain more happiness?
Where do your passions lie?
How can you use them to create success in the life of your dreams?

Bec has a natural curiosity for life. Her inquisitive nature led her to obtain a sought after position as a newspaper journalist following a degree in Communications in 2002. After a three-year stint, Bec moved to London, where she worked in corporate communications for a global firm while traveling as much of Europe as she could on weekends and holidays. Returning to Australia in 2008, Bec took up a position in public relations for a non-profit organisation working with children and young people, before finding her true passion in coaching. Bec has also represented two states in netball and was part of the Canberra Darters team competing in the 2009 Australian Netball League.

Earlier that year Bec was introduced to the Beyond Success coaching system, which changed her life. On her return to Australia from abroad, Bec began suffering from anxiety, had bouts of depression and severe panic attacks. Unsure of where she wanted to be – and more importantly who she wanted to be – Bec took on a coach and began to more clearly understand her own values and live a life that reflected her own uniqueness. Her biggest continual lesson is that understanding, and connecting with, her true self is the most important gift she can offer the world.

In her coaching business, Bec’s clients feel supported and encouraged to strive for their best. They appreciate her detailed questioning and thorough communication, delivered with compassion and empathy. Through your interactions with Bec, you will understand where your power and passions lie and how best you can use them to live the life of your dreams. She aims to help you create a balanced life, lived with passion and filled with people who really ‘get’ you.

Bec has been blessed with a life full of adventure, which has not come without its share of challenges. She is well placed to support clients in chasing their dreams, boosting their self esteem, and working through change.

Bec lives in Canberra with her inspiring partner, with whom she shares her highest values of honesty and integrity. She looks forward to helping you be the best you possible.