Shelley Weitenberg

After attending a personal development seminar in 2002, Shelley and her husband, Geoff, were inspired to leave the security of full time employment to start their own business in the building industry. Their drive and commitment led to financial success, but at a price – they found themselves working long hours at the expense of time with their young children.

Shelley’s commitment to personal development provided the next challenge in her life. With a dream to help other people achieve their ambitions, Shelley launched an online resource centre that continues to provide people with quality, easily accessible information on how to transform their lives.

Longing for a more personal connection with the people she was helping, Shelley decided to pursue life coaching as a profession, and so embarked on a rigorous training program with Beyond Success, resulting in her current status as a Beyond Success Qualified Coach. Today, Shelley is a full-time public speaker and life coach, with clients from a range of backgrounds, industries and life experiences.

Shelley is passionate about working with people, and loves helping them to be the best they can be.

Shelley and her husband live on a property in Northern NSW with their three young children.