Theresa Pastor

Theresa’s coaching objective is to guide and empower her clients to identify what they want out of life and design the life they really want.

Through individualised support Theresa helps her clients achieve a life of balance; embracing family, work, vibrant health and spirituality. She helps her clients to break free from old thinking patterns that have held them back in the past.

“Many clients expect change to be painful, but progress is actually really rewarding and goes smoothly when you have the support of a trained professional like Theresa.”

Theresa’s clients benefit from having the support of someone who cares, listens and encourages without judgment. In a world where people often don’t listen, she provides a space for her clients to be heard, and listened to.

“Most people don’t realise that they hold all the answers they need. What I do is help them to connect to that. Once they know how, they can use their ‘inner coach’ to step past barriers for the rest of their lives.”

Theresa is skilled at working in partnership with her clients, sharing their journey by walking along side them, making sure she is always operating within the client’s agenda to create the life THEY want.

Theresa believes that each individual is unique and already successful in many areas of their life and that with guidance they can further define goals in the areas they would like to progress with, leaving them empowered and motivated. Her clients enjoy the fact that their coaching experience is individually tailored to what is currently important, and gives time for reflection and practice. She helps people to be the best that they can be. Her clients say:

“You created a safe environment, have a great way of assessing the person as a whole and adapting to their needs and supporting them to reflect and reach their potential.”

“Theresa generates discussion from which I am able to generate my own goals and strategies leaving me feeling empowered and super-motivated.”

Theresa has been working closely with people to create specific outcomes for 23 years. She ran her own private speech pathology practice for 14 years in South Africa and, in Perth, has focused on working with children with disabilities and providing critical support for their families. As a senior therapist in her team, she enjoys helping other therapists develop their potential and is a strong leader in the organisation. Theresa has years of experience supporting and working with others to find their direction and reach their goals in life.

Theresa is a wife and dedicated mother of two boys. She finds her life balance by practicing yoga and Pilates, enjoying Zumba, photography and creative crafts, as well as spending time in nature and reading. She is a practical hands-on person, with a light approach to life, a ready smile and an approachable manner.

Theresa is guided by her values of compassion and kindness, honesty, respect and love. She is an excellent communicator and an attentive listener.