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Living with meaning

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During our recent coaching tele class  we touched on the importance of meaning and purpose. Of finding our reason for being. And it’s so important to have something in our lives that’s significant, isn’t it. Something significant that’s outside of us. Something greater than ourselves.

I think Viktor Frankl probably puts it best ‘Ever more people today have the means to live but no meaning to live for’.  That makes it a pretty empty life, doesn’t it.

So how do you find your meaning.

How do you find your reason for being?

After surviving years in a concentration camp, Frankl came to the conclusion that meaning can be found in a number of ways. And probably the most obvious is in giving something back to the world. In other words contributing your energies to something significant outside yourself for the benefit of others. The men in the camp for instance who comforted others rather than giving in to the horror of their own situation. All great people do this, don’t they.  The return on investment in heartfelt giving is beyond measure.

But meaning can also be found by interacting authentically with others. Being true to ourselves. Being real. I guess you might call this meaningful interaction. And we’ve probably all had the experience of connecting deeply and meaningfully with another person. It’s precious beyond words.

And then there’s the meaning we can allow ourselves to experience when we change our attitude toward a situation we cannot control. If we can’t change something we can change the way we look at it. And the insights can be mind-blowing.

Brass tacks… to live with meaning is to ensure your own health and wellbeing.

Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

So how do you get there?

For those of you haven’t discovered it yet the answer’s really simple. Just keep doing stuff. After all, stagnation leads nowhere.

So just keep doing the things you love and it might just be the meaning you seek will find you more quickly than you realise.

What’s your reason for being?

About Paul Blackburn

An internationally acclaimed author and leader in the human potential movement, Paul has instructed seminars for groups ranging in size from 6 to 600 and as a guest speaker has spoken to audiences of more than six thousand. He has taught in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the US. Paul has appeared on talk back radio and television shows including Getaway; A Current Affair and The Midday Show. Paul has a tremendous educational message. He knows how to teach and motivate people to be more effective in every aspect of their lives. Due to his reputation as a world class presenter, the Adult Education Faculty of the Australian National University conducted a study of one of Paul's public seminars with a view to gain greater insights into their own teaching strategies. Paul has survived aggressive cancer, and successfully built four businesses, a strong marriage and a loving family. According to his wife Mary, Paul's strive for improving himself and helping others comes from "his love of life and his incredible love for his family in particular but people in general". She says he is committed to making a difference in the world, whatever it takes. And he does. Paul has a great ability to spark interest and inspire people from all walks of life. In the words of one of his students: "It is not possible to participate in one of Paul's seminars and resist change. Paul has the ability to inspire even the most negative person to change their life for the better." Time with Paul Blackburn may be all it takes to get a shift in thinking big enough to cause a life changing experience. His down-to-earth style is your guarantee that you will be hearing no nonsense, workable solutions to the difficult questions in life.

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