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Being Perfect

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While the debate continues over the rights and wrongs of the death penalty for Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, something quite profound was said earlier this week that’s really relevant to our personal development journey. That these two men are so much more than just their crimes. The integrity they’ve demonstrated in their last ten years behind prison walls seems to confirm this too. Young men with heart that in their youth made a terrible and stupid mistake.

That’s true for all of us isn’t it.  Because we’re all guilty of stupid mistakes. Doing things that are not in line with our real selves. Maybe not to the same degree. Or then again maybe we have. Caught up in a moment of temporary insanity making rash decisions that we later regret. Doing our best to balance the competing emotions that drive us but not thinking things through in the heat of the moment.

But we are all so much more than our actions aren’t we.

One of the most important aspects of healing is to learn forgiveness not only for others but for ourselves. What is done is done. Nothing can undo it. But owning our mistakes and then letting them go allows us to move forward and live a better life.

Understanding that we are ‘perfect’ human beings regardless of the things we have done or failed to do is so important.

What do you need to forgive yourself for in your past?