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Get noticed!

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So you want to get your sales up? Time to get noticed and do something crazy. Just have a look at what some of the giants are doing this week.

Take McDonalds for example. Falling sales because people it seems are (finally) making better food choices. Not to mention the challenge of other competitors in the market stealing some of their market share. So what have they done? Well March 24, they launched a global campaign. Imlovinit took off with 24 different bits of fun in 24 cities around the world over 24 hours. If you were in Sydney you might have got the chance to jump in their giant ball pit in your business suit before being handed a free coffee. Then there was the pyjama party in Italy where people brave enough to be seen in public in their designer pjs (well it was Milan) got VIP treatment McDonalds style. In NZ Big Mac boxes got musical and played a tune when you opened the lid. A pop up library in Paris got attention from the small ones. And my personal favourite, Brazil… the ice ticket carved with the golden arches dispensed from a vending machine at the beach you had to redeem before it melted. Needless to say people were running to the store. Pure genius.

While back home in downtown Canberra we have the retail giant IKEA finally opening it’s doors. No more trips to Sydney to bring home the flat packs. And this week the big yellow letters on the bright blue store are the lead news item. But IKEA are leaving nothing to chance. They’ve done their research and they know exactly what Canberrans want in their homes. So they’re stocking the store and to guarantee the customers you can bet they’ve got a grand opening campaign on a massive scale in the making. It’s anyone guess what that could be. They’ve already done in-store weddings, in-store sleepovers, giant ‘rock-climbing’ walls made out of IKEA furniture. Crazy stuff and lots of fun. Guaranteed to get people interested. Guaranteed to get people excited. Guaranteed to get people wanting to buy.

In business, you’ve got to engage people. Because people buy for emotional reasons. All sorts of stuff and not necessarily because they need it or want it. But because they want to be part of the action. They want to belong.

So what sort of fun could you put together to get your business noticed?

How crazy are you prepared to be?