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Getting Comfortable

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Have you taken a moment lately to realise how privileged we are? Living in a place where we don’t just have to focus on survival. Instead we actually get the chance to thrive. The opportunity to see what’s not working in our lives and take steps to change it. Of course, there’s always the choice to continue living on autopilot. But for those people who want to take control of their lives and actually create their own future, consciously and deliberately, as humans we have the mental tools that enable us to do just that. How good is that!


This week we received the most awesome letter from a woman who’s been coaching with us and one our great coaches for the last couple of years. And she has made the most incredible changes in her life. Financially and personally. Which makes sense when you realise one is simply a reflection of the other.

But the thing that really sticks out in her letter is how she became comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because learning to do something different, learning to be someone different, really is uncomfortable. All credit to her.


As I’ve said before, change is like learning to drive a car. The first time you do it you can’t concentrate on anything else. You have to be fully focussed. You can’t talk to the person in the passenger seat or listen to music at the same time as concentrating on the road and all those dials and pedals. And talk about having to have eyes in the back of your head. Everything is new and it all feels wrong. And that’s because it’s unfamiliar. You haven’t got the wiring in place yet. But as you practise it all becomes easier. Much easier. How many of you have driven somewhere and got there without realising how you did it?


Change IS uncomfortable. And that’s because we’re turning our back on old familiar habits in order to create something better. But the problem is many people give up when they feel uncomfortable choosing instead to stay stuck in old patterns. Because it feels easier to stay stuck with what’s familiar. And even if we don’t like it very much we’ve learned how to do life that way. But when we realise that discomfort is actually an awesome sign that you’re now doing something new, it makes it easier to stick with it. To do it again and again until it becomes automatic. Because the discomfort means you’ve broken away from the old habits and now anything and everything is possible.


So the next time you make a change just notice how uncomfortable you feel. And celebrate.


What will you change?



Change the Channel

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We’ve just had the most awesome weekend at bootcamp, followed by two incredible days at our Entrepreneur’s Master Class. And we were blessed to have coach and motivational speaker Andrew Fleming present. For those of you who don’t know Andrew, he’s a Beyond Success coach who trained with us all the way from New Zealand. Four times he crossed the ditch to complete his training… and that included the challenges of travelling with a wheelchair.

Some years ago Andrew had a farming accident that left him without the use of his legs. That’s no small thing for a young guy in the prime of his life suddenly dependent on a wheelchair to get around. But did that stop him? No way. And while there were many obstacles to overcome he didn’t give in. Instead he chose to reinvent himself. To reframe things. And to focus his mind on anything that gave him hope, be it big or small. When he couldn’t do things the way he use to, he found a new way. This year he’s all set for another six weeks of skiing the magic of those New Zealand mountains on his specially designed ski. There’s no stopping this guy.

For anybody who’s ever had a challenge to overcome, Andrew’s story is nothing short of inspiring. And it’s a lesson for all of us. We can give in to the heartbreak and disappointments that inevitably come with life. Or we can CHOOSE to rise above them, learn from them and move on to creating something awesome for ourselves. It’s all about your mindset.

What can you do with the cards you’ve been dealt?

What challenges can you reframe?

How can you rise above?

Stop Being Common!

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Do you ever feel like you see these people every day and don’t really talk to them? Have you been told lately by your partner about a BBQ, a dinner party or the in-laws visiting, that you didn’t know about and you’ve ONLY got an hour to get ready?

Well, if this is you, or you can relate to this, then you’re not alone! When I say, really talk, I mean not about the weather or what you had for lunch. But really talk about what’s important and what really matters. We tend to fall into quantity of conversation not quality of conversation. It’s what I call Common Conversations. Where there are a lot of words being spoken or conversations being had, but not really with any substance! It’s those conversations that you keep repeating. Those ones about what you did for the day or who you saw shopping or who wore what to work. Who wants to be Common?

On one level it is important to have these common conversations, but too many of them or not enough Conversations with Quality, are what can pull couples and families apart. Losing touch with each other or not having meaningful, deep conversations with your kids, is an easy way to feel like you are living in a house with complete strangers instead of your family.

One way of making sure you have Quality Conversations, as either a couple or as a family, is through Family Meetings or what I call “Love Ins”! Love Ins are specifically designed to talk about what’s important in all areas of family life. Focusing on issues or concerns that really matter. Some of the areas that you can address are: Home Life, Personal Life/Emotions, Finance, Career, Goals, What I love about you, Something Loving you have done this week.
So if you want to really talk and you want quality conversations, conversations that count, then stop being Common and start having some Love Ins!

By Gerry Huston