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The Magic Number

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A wise man once said, ‘any fool can complicate things, it takes a genius to simplify them.’


Yesterday Mary shared a touch of genius with our staff. Simply put, the massive benefits to be had when you focus on increasing your income by only 10% while at the same time decreasing your expenses by the same 10%. Can you imagine the benefits? With cash flow the life blood of any family and business it’s gonna make a massive difference.


But the genius didn’t stop there. How do you decrease your expenses by 10%? Well there’s all the regular ways of shopping around, going without, making different choices, being happy with less. And then there’s Mary’s way… she simply asks the question. Magic thing is when she puts her focus into reducing expenses people often respond with more than a 10% reduction. Yesterday she achieved a whopping 30%.


The thing is we can and do make things complicated. Why is it we’re afraid to ask for the things we need, the things we want. In our relationships, in our finances, in our work. What I’ve come to realise is how well people respond when we have an open and honest discussion about what we need or want and ask them for their help in achieving it. Straight shooting.


But why stop just with the money? How would a 10% increase in time in your day with a 10% decrease in work make a difference in your life? Or how would a 10% increase in fun with a 10% decrease in stress affect your health and happiness?


A 10% shift isn’t much. But when it’s a 10% drop in the negative stuff with a 10% gain in the stuff you love, it’s going to make one hell of a difference to your life.


Small shift. Big gains.


So where can you grow by 10%?

How will you reduce those demands and expenses?

Big Rocks

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We were chatting about the importance of scheduling time for our big rocks on one of our recent teleclasses. And for me, taking time out to recharge is one of my big rocks. Something that’s a non-negotiable. Because taking time out is so important in reducing stress and getting those creative juices flowing again. In fact it’s so important that Mary and I schedule our events calendar only after we’ve put in place time out to recharge first.


But how easy is it to let the busyness of life take over? And before you know it the day is over and you’re just too damn tired to do the important things… like rest and recharge.


As one of my staff put it, it’s about making the decision to just stop. And to make this decision regularly. Every day in fact. The trick is to schedule in the down time before you schedule in everything else. Not always an easy thing to do.


But as they say if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.


The thing is when you’re taking time out to meditate, play, rest and do the things you love, with people you love, you’re doing far more than you realise. Switching genes on and off for instance. How many of you realised that before? When you take time out to reduce stress you actually turn genes off that are involved in creating disease. Diseases like cancer and diabetes.


Believe me, once you’ve been there, you never want to go back. So that’s why reducing stress is one of my big rocks.


But taking time out also allows those creative juices to kick in. Have you ever noticed how much clearer you can think when you’re relaxed? Or how some of your best ideas just seem to pop up out of nowhere and deliver the goods when you take time out.


To be successful in life, in business, in relationships, in health, beating stress is one of the biggest rocks you need to master. And while you can’t always control what happens to you, you can learn to control how you respond. And how much stress you allow to pump through your body.


Have you scheduled your down time in today?

In the moment

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So it was a great Sunday in Brisbane mastering stress with Nicholas de Castella this week. And while there are so many ways to diffuse from the pressures in life, the take home message is you’ve actually got to do it! No point in knowing all this stuff if you don’t actually put it into practise.

One of the best ways I know is to live in the moment.

Not worrying about the future, not agonising over the past. Just being in the present moment.

Nicholas gave us a great way to do this. And standing in the rain waiting for a cab this week my boss (and daughter) Julie was able to put it into practise. With it bucketing down in Canberra and Parliament sitting there wasn’t a cab to be seen. Despite the booking nearly 40 minutes earlier. Can’t have those pollies getting wet, can we. So Julz had a choice. She could stand there getting cranky, worrying about where she needed to be and all the things she needed to do… or she could stand there and experience the present moment. The chance to enjoy the sound of rain while she sheltered under cover. The chance to enjoy the luxury of time to breath deeply and just be there. The chance to notice her car getting a good wash. And she could do all of this just by standing in the rain. Not judging the experience. Just being present to it.

No surprises which choice made her feel better and more in control.

What will you choose?

Mastering Stress – tickets still available for Sydney June 28, Melbourne July 5, Adelaide July 26. Call the office (02 6247 8336) to grab your seat.