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Resolving the Mindset Riddle

Resolving the Mindset Riddle Workshop

The only limitation of the human mind is that it was issued without an instruction manual. 
Resolving the Mindset Riddle is that instruction manual.

Learn how to:

  • Make more money in less time by knowing how to work smarter instead of harder.
  • Keep cool, calm and relaxed – even when the going gets really tough.
  • Maintain exuberant health, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Build and maintaining relationships that work.
  • Experience genuine, lasting, fulfilling, happiness.


Delivered in a three-day workshop, Resolving the Mindset Riddle can help you spark your unfulfilled genius, realise your untapped potential and achieve your unrealised goals and dreams.

Want more?

  • DAY 1 - Discovery

    Understand how your mind works – and why it is your most powerful asset.  Uncover the programming that creates self-sabotage and get ready to eliminate it.

  • DAY 2 - Breakthrough

    Identify your sub-conscious blockages to success – and smash through them.  Understand yourself at the deepest level, and reprogram your mind for success.

  • DAY 3 - Transformation

    Become the person of your dreams.  Learn the skills that will become personal habits.

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You’ll learn how to keep your brain running at full capacity for the rest of your life.

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Making a change is up to you. There is no patch, powder or pill that comes near knowing how to use the awesome power of your mind.

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Clients said

  • There have been many conferences in our lives.  This was the most fun and the least exhausting – and the most successful. If we can just implement a percentage of what has been offered we will be on the way to greater self-understanding and we should be able to positively influence people who are important in our lives.

    Sam and Marilyn Bashir
    Sam and Marilyn Bashir
  • Thanks for the mind blowing workshop. Nice to see a born and bred Australian is such a rich source of solid, tested and proven motivational and personal development material.

    David Guest
    David Guest
  • WOW! What a weekend. For me this has been a life changing two-and-a-half days. My health has improved already.  And my mindset?  Well, nothing is out of my reach now.

    Kym Kranen
    Kym Kranen